Thursday, February 13, 2014

40 and Fabulous Surprise Birthday Party

I can't believe that I just typed those words. But, it is true. I turned 40 last week. Craziness.

Actually, I think that my kids were more excited and anticipated it more than I did.  I can tell you that I don't "feel" 40 . . .whatever that is supposed to feel like.  At least I don't feel like what I thought 40 would feel like.

On the day of my actual birthday we were enduring yet another snow storm here in St. Louis.  Little did I know, though, that my husband and friends were scheming and planning.  I told Scott that I really didn't want/need anything big but would just like to go out to dinner with a couple of friends.  Well, they sure surprised me.

I can't tell you the shock that I had when I saw a room full of my friends.  My friend, Janice, is a fantastic party planner so I guess Scott just put her in charge and boy, did she come through. 

The room was absolutely beautiful.  We had a private room surrounded by natural wood and coolers full of wine. 

I "might" like to drink a bit of wine.  Loved my "40 and Fabulous" wine gift from some really great friends, Angie and Kori.

I also "might" like to gamble a bit . . .

Janice made tons of picture props . . .cigars, mustaches, glasses.  They were so much fun!

Janice aka "Party Planner Extraordinaire" and me

 Angie and Kori gave me the great wine glass

 After party at the casino

 Corey (my Sunday Funday buddy) and Ann--great neighbors!

Although you would think that it goes against my personality but I truly am not a "center of attention" person.  I always feel like I am putting people out.  This is why I really appreciated all of the time, effort, and secret conversations that took place to make this a surprise for me.  It was great to celebrate with everyone.  It was definitely a birthday to remember!

 My sister and me

 Hottie Scottie

Sue and me