Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Have You Seen These?

This is not a paid endorsement.  These are just products that I have found and I really like!

I had to run out to the grocery store this morning for some milk.  While in the dairy section I decided to pick up some yogurt.  My family is normally a Yoplait Light family . . . have you tried the Boston Creme pie?  Awesome flavor but it has 15g of sugar and 20g carbs.
I saw this and got really excited.  This Fiber One yogurt is endorsed by Hungry Girl!

It only has 50 calories and it tastes fantastic!

And, it isn't packed with sugar.  You can't really read it but the nutritional information is as follow:
50 calories
0g Fat
55mg Sodium
13g Carbs
5g Dietary Fiber
4g Sugar
3g Protein

Another thing that has become a staple for me for my lunch are these Amy's Burritos.  I buy the organic beans and rice (non-dairy).  I top it with salsa for very little extra calories.  My sister told me about these and once I tried them, I was hooked. 

This burrito has 300 calories (not bad for a lunch), 6g of fiber and 10g of protein.  It definitely has a higher carb content because of the beans but it is so filling that I really don't even have a desire to snack all afternoon.

These burritos are more expensive than other frozen foods but I found them at Wal-Mart last week for $2.38.  Not a bad price for a lunch.


What I'm Loving Wednesday

I've got a lot to love this week! 

{1} I'm loving . . . that we leave for Vegas on Friday and I am already packed.  Here's a look at the "looks" I'll be sporting. 
Yes, I take 2 pairs of shoes per outfit.  I also carry a purse big enough to carry an extra pair of shoes.  I've done this for years because let's face it . . . we all like to start the night off in cute heels but by the end of the night we are wishing we would have brought a pair of flats with us.

{2} I'm loving . . . my new Kindle I got this weekend.  I have always loved books and there is nothing like actually feeling the paper between your fingers and diving in to a good book.  The best part of a traditional book is that once you are finished, you can give it to a friend to share.

I'm loving this Kindle, though, because literally thousands and thousands of books are at my fingertips.  No more having to run out and find a book.  With one touch of a button, it is automatically in my hands. 

{3} I'm loving . . . The Hunger Games!  Yes, I know most of you have probably read it but have been involved in other books.  I've heard so many great things about this series that it was the first thing I purchased (and then borrowed the 2nd book from the Lending Library).  I finished the first book in one day and stayed up until 1:00 in the morning last night.  I couldn't put it down! 

{4} I'm loving . . . my family and friends who are taking care of the kiddos this weekend.

{5} I'm loving . . . that Kanin's hockey season is over.  I know that sounds horrible but 2-3 days a week have been devoted to hockey since October.  We need a break!  Of course, now we are on to baseball . . .

{6} I'm loving . . . that Gaga will be joining us at the St. Patty's Day parade this year!  You can read about the last 2 years here and here.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

PROJECT CLEAN HOUSE: 40 Bags in 40 Days-Laundry Room

Today I thought I would tackle the laundry room.  I swear this is the hardest room in the entire house to keep clean.  Not only is this the "laundry" room but it is also the room that holds the dog crate/food, vaccuum, and all of our coats and shoes.

I hate winter not only because it is cold and nasty but because of all of the "gear" each person must have during it.  Since we are a family of 5 that means at least 5 coats, gloves, hats, etc.  Add that to the fact that we live in St. Louis and the weather can change as much as 40 degrees in one day . . . I AM NOT joking . . .it was 70 on Thursday and 40 on Friday. . . we all need a variety of coats and jackets.  Then, of course, the kids need snowsuits and boots.  It is all just one big mess.

I actually don't think this looks too bad.  Ignore the slippers.  The Easter Bunny needed an extra storage spot for Easter baskets.

Do you think we have enough cleaning towels?

Here are 3 cameras that I had up in the cabinet.  None of them work.  I don't know why I kept them.  I am a hoarder.

Along with tons of coats comes TONS and TONS of shoes.  2 pairs per person downstairs is 10 pairs and believe me, there were a lot more than that.  4 umbrellas, grocery bags and diaper bags.

I took a bet that we are not going to get snowed in for the rest of the year.  Yes, I know that is a big bet but I took it anyway.  I ended up leaving everyone 1 winter coat, the kids a "play" coat, and each of us a jacket.  On the top shelf I put the bags that we use for snacks when we go to the zoo or park and a container with all of the dog's brushes, leashes, etc.

Cleaned off the shelves and threw away old fabric softener sheets and random laundry supplies that we haven't used in at least a year.  I also took advantage of the space above the shelves and put the extra laundry detergent and a Dippin' Dots kit that Kanin received for Christmas.

I threw away a ton of those work towels, the old cameras and their accompanying equipment.

I bought this broom/mop hanger a few months ago and never hung it up.  Today I asked Scott to finally hang it for me.  No more putting these items by the refrigerator.

Here's the trash:

Here are the donation (right box) items that I can sell at consigment (left box)

Here are all of the coats and winter items that are returning to the basement.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fitness Friday

One of the great things about this social media stuff is that we are able to get support from our friends and family. 

I am part of a group on Facebook in which we post our daily workouts, new foods that we have tried, different fitness ideas, etc.  This week one of the ladies, Carrie, posted a great workout from Shaun T and I thought I'd share it with you.

If you have been looking for a quick (not easy) workout in which you don't need any extra equipment, then give this one a try.  Or, if you have been pondering buying the INSANITY series, this will give you a good taste of what the workouts are like only add another 20-25 minutes to it.

If you want to check out some other fitness posts, head over to Jill's and join in.

Click on the above link.

Caleb Sleeps in His Big Boy Bed

Last night another big milestone was hit in our house.  Caleb moved to a big boy bed. 

This little toddler bed has been handed down from my nephew then to Kanin and now to Caleb.  It has bee sitting in the corner of our room for a couple of years.  When we moved in to this house, we set it up in our room because Kanin comes in to our room at night when he wakes up (at the time he was about 4 or 5).  Anyway, we just never took it down.

As you can see in this picture, you can tell that Caleb really bought in to the "big boy" idea . . . maybe this will work with potty-training, too?  ha!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

PROJECT CLEAN HOUSE: 40 Bags In 40 Days-2012

It's that time of year again . . . 40 Bags in 40 Days.  I can't take credit for this little bit of genius.  I stole it from Sarah at Clover Lane (love her) but basically you take the Lenten season to not only work on yourself spiritually and clean out all those impure things but you also work on cleaning out your house and all of the junk that has it cluttered over the past year.

I participated in it last year and felt so amazing getting rid of so much stuff that I knew I would do it year after year.  Here are some links to last year's posts:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
So, today I am going to start with the linen closet.  This closet has been driving me crazy for months.  There are games with missing pieces, fitted sheets that just won't fold nicely and pretty much just a mess.

Everything was pretty much just thrown in there.  In a not-so-smart Mommy move, I left the games down on the bottom shelves so that the kids could play with them.  Well, I've been picking up game pieces, cards, checkers, etc all over the house.

In true kid fashion, Caleb wanted to "help" me which basically means . . . "Don't throw that away.  That's my favorite toy." 

I was able to distract him enough to finish up.  I moved all of the games that actually had the pieces up to the top shelf.  I then separated the sheets into crib, twin, queen, and king and also divided them up into fitted and normal sheets. 

No, I still cannot fold a fitted sheet.

I also separated pillow cases, covers, and beach towels.

Finally, I put all of upstairs extra blankets down on the bottom shelf, too.

Here's what got pitched:

Here's what I think I can sell:

Let me know if you decide to participate in 40 Bags in 40 Days.  I'd love to see your organization in progress!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Makeup Questions

This is a topic for all of you girly girl fashionistas out there . . .

What kind of make-up do you use?  I have used Bare Minerals (with some drugstore eye shadows, lip gloss, etc thrown in there) for about 6 years and I am starting to get tired with it. 

Also, how did you learn to apply makeup?  I see people who have gorgeous makeup and have no idea how they got it to look that way.  Is there a class you can go to, to learn to put on makeup? 

If you were to ask me my style, I would say I'm a mix.  I rarely wear makeup during the day or even during the week.  When I go out, though, I'd say I would definitely lean more toward the dark, sexy, smokey rather than the light, sweet, natural looks (think Kim Kardashian-type makeup).

Finally, what is your #1 go to product or your #1 makeup secret?


Monday, February 13, 2012

Kanin Plays at Scottrade

Last night Kanin got to live out one of his dreams, playing hockey during an intermission of a St. Louis Blues game. 

I specifically remember the first time Kanin saw other kids out there playing and him saying, "I want to do that some day".  At the time, I didn't realize how or why those kids' teams got "chosen" to play (more on this later) but I always hoped that he would get the chance to do it. 
Here is a picture from that night.  Kanin was 3 years old.

When we arrived at Scottrade, Kanin told us that he thought he was going to throw up because he was so nervous.  Scott told him, "Don't be nervous.  There will only be 18,000 people watching you!"  Really nice, huh?

Here are the boys heading off to their locker room.

While they were down in the locker room area, Kanin got his picture take with Charles Glenn.  Charles Glenn is a very accomplished singer and entertainer and he sings the National Anthem before almost every home game.  He has an amazing voice.

Here we are before the boys had to leave to go down to get dressed.

The St. Peters Spirit Hockey Club, White Team II, took the ice during the first intermission.  There is my #22.

I love this picture of him with the Blues symbol on the ice.

I am so glad that Kanin and his team got to do this.  They were all so excited when they got off of the ice and couldn't believe that they were just out there where the Blues actually play night after night.

Ok, now for the REALITY of these teams "getting to play" on the ice . . .

All of those years ago when Kanin was dreaming about playing at a Blues game, I didn't realize that it wasn't an "invite" to play it was a "pay to play". 

When our coach approached us about playing at a Blues game, all of the parents jumped at the chance.  Of course, then we found the "catch" . . . we had to guarantee that we would buy at least 40 tickets at $45 each.  Scott and I already have season tickets and thought it was kind of ridiculous that for us to participate we had to buy more tickets but, in the end, we did because we wanted him to have the experience.  That part worked out OK because our nephew wanted to go down so he ended up taking our 2 regular seats and we bought 4 (Scott, me, Kanin, and Gracie) with the rest of the group.

The game started at 6:00pm and the boys had to be down there and checked in by 5:00.  They had to take their stuff to the locker room and then walk all the way over to our seats (across on the other side of the arena).  They could watch the opening festivities but had to leave to head back to the locker room 3 minutes after the beginning of the 1st period. 

Once intermission came, they only played for 3 minutes at 15 seconds.  Basically, it took longer to put all of the equipment on than they were out on the ice.

After their little scrimmage, they had to go back out and change and then all of their hockey gear had to be taken out to the car immediately.  There was no storage area to hold it until after the game.  Luckily, Scott thought ahead and we bought a parking garage pass rather than one of the street parking lots so he didn't have to walk as far.

Either way, Scott and Kanin arrived back to our seats with about 5 minutes of the 2nd period left to play and then they did get to watch all of the 3rd.

Yes, it was worth the money and effort it took for him to have the experience of playing on NHL ice but I'm hoping that it will be a one and done kind of thing . . . is that bad?  ha! 

Friday, February 10, 2012


It's been busy around here the last couple of weeks so I haven't linked up for InstaFriday.  These are just a few of the pics I have on my phone.

life rearranged

Last week it was warm enough to spend some time at the park with our friend, Taylor.

I got my hair cut and colored.  I REALLY needed it.  Sorry I don't have an after picture but it is super cute!

Scott was away on business for a few days so Kanin wanted to send him a picture of himself wearing his new shirt.  Kanin is known as the "sporty" kid at school so he is obsessed with wearing only "sporty" clothes.

Gracie and Caleb wanted to send a picture to Daddy, too.  They are like this 99% of the time.  They really love each other.

Gracie started preschool on Tuesday.

Between Gracie starting preschool, Caleb being diagnosed with strep, and me starting very part-time job . . . Daddy needed a drink. 

Have you tried Kraftig?  A member of the Busch family is back in the beer-making business.