Saturday, February 25, 2012

PROJECT CLEAN HOUSE: 40 Bags in 40 Days-Laundry Room

Today I thought I would tackle the laundry room.  I swear this is the hardest room in the entire house to keep clean.  Not only is this the "laundry" room but it is also the room that holds the dog crate/food, vaccuum, and all of our coats and shoes.

I hate winter not only because it is cold and nasty but because of all of the "gear" each person must have during it.  Since we are a family of 5 that means at least 5 coats, gloves, hats, etc.  Add that to the fact that we live in St. Louis and the weather can change as much as 40 degrees in one day . . . I AM NOT joking . . .it was 70 on Thursday and 40 on Friday. . . we all need a variety of coats and jackets.  Then, of course, the kids need snowsuits and boots.  It is all just one big mess.

I actually don't think this looks too bad.  Ignore the slippers.  The Easter Bunny needed an extra storage spot for Easter baskets.

Do you think we have enough cleaning towels?

Here are 3 cameras that I had up in the cabinet.  None of them work.  I don't know why I kept them.  I am a hoarder.

Along with tons of coats comes TONS and TONS of shoes.  2 pairs per person downstairs is 10 pairs and believe me, there were a lot more than that.  4 umbrellas, grocery bags and diaper bags.

I took a bet that we are not going to get snowed in for the rest of the year.  Yes, I know that is a big bet but I took it anyway.  I ended up leaving everyone 1 winter coat, the kids a "play" coat, and each of us a jacket.  On the top shelf I put the bags that we use for snacks when we go to the zoo or park and a container with all of the dog's brushes, leashes, etc.

Cleaned off the shelves and threw away old fabric softener sheets and random laundry supplies that we haven't used in at least a year.  I also took advantage of the space above the shelves and put the extra laundry detergent and a Dippin' Dots kit that Kanin received for Christmas.

I threw away a ton of those work towels, the old cameras and their accompanying equipment.

I bought this broom/mop hanger a few months ago and never hung it up.  Today I asked Scott to finally hang it for me.  No more putting these items by the refrigerator.

Here's the trash:

Here are the donation (right box) items that I can sell at consigment (left box)

Here are all of the coats and winter items that are returning to the basement.


  1. good job! i sooo need the broom hanger :)

    our laundry room is also the mud room, a catch all as we walk in the door so it's not easy to keep clean either...ARGH

  2. Looks great!! That is a nice big laundry room space you have!! I love this project! I need to join in! =)

  3. You are so lucky to have such a large laundry room. Ours is the size of a hallway towel closet. And I love those wall hangers Scott installed. I need me some, too.