Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Makeup Questions

This is a topic for all of you girly girl fashionistas out there . . .

What kind of make-up do you use?  I have used Bare Minerals (with some drugstore eye shadows, lip gloss, etc thrown in there) for about 6 years and I am starting to get tired with it. 

Also, how did you learn to apply makeup?  I see people who have gorgeous makeup and have no idea how they got it to look that way.  Is there a class you can go to, to learn to put on makeup? 

If you were to ask me my style, I would say I'm a mix.  I rarely wear makeup during the day or even during the week.  When I go out, though, I'd say I would definitely lean more toward the dark, sexy, smokey rather than the light, sweet, natural looks (think Kim Kardashian-type makeup).

Finally, what is your #1 go to product or your #1 makeup secret?



  1. I will be checking back to look at comments left. I use bare minerals, too, and I just want something with more coverage that doesn't look cakey.

  2. By the way... Doesn't 40 bags start today?! :)

  3. I'm a bare minerals girl as well.. with some random shit thrown in. My mum tried to teach me to put on makeup but she was all 80s style makeup and I swore I looked like a tranvestite hooker so I started doing my own. I used to prefer the natural look but now when I go out it's all dark and dramatic.. on a day to day basis it's just the basics with some purple liner and mascara.