Thursday, February 9, 2012

Gracie's 1st Day of Preschool

This week we hit a big milestone, Gracie started preschool.  I have resisted sending her to preschool because I think that academically she really doesn't need it.  Socially, though, she needs to realize that everyone doesn't have to do what she wants them to do.  Ha!  (Who does THAT sound like?  LOL)

My friend, JoAnna, heard of a program at one of the local high schools where they pair high school students thinking of going in to education with preschoolers.  They follow a curriculum, interact with the children, and they get graded.  The best part is that it is only $50 for a 10 week class that goes 3 half days a week.  JoAnna's little girl, Taylor, is attending so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for Gracie to transition from being home all of the time with Mommy.

Gracie was really excited to start school.

We were the first ones in our classroom and Gracie just walked right in and headed over to the play area.  I was a little worried that she would be shy and maybe even cry (she hated me leaving her at Bible School last year but ended up having fun each day) but she didn't cry at all.

One of the high school students came right over and started interacting with her.

We were both really happy when our little friend, Taylor, showed up.

When it was time for the Mommarazzi to leave, Grace didn't bat an eye.  I thought she might get shy but nope, she just smile and waved and told me good-bye.  I felt sorry for the other mothers who weren't having it so easy.

Pick up was an issue . . .because of me!  For some reason I was thinking that the school went from 8:30 until 11:30 but nope, it was until 11:00!  Her teacher called me to ask me if I was going to pick her up or if someone else was?!  I was so embarrassed.  The worst part of it was that JoAnna actually called me and said that pick-up was at 11:00 and I talked her into believing it was at 11:30.  She was sitting in the parking lot to pick up Taylor but didn't go in because of me!!  I quickly called JoAnna and asked her to go in and pick up both girls and then I met her up there.  Mom of the Year, I tell you!

When we finally got home, Gracie was so excited to show me her crafts.  She made a fox mask . . . can't you tell that this is a fox?  LOL  

A puppet


My favorite part is that each day we will receive this paper that tells us what they studied in class and how our child reacted.  They have it broken in to different sections such as crafts, music, reading, science, free time, and other.  Then at the bottom they tell you if your child was active, shy, happy or sad for each hour they are at school.  On Gracie's first day they had a craft and they worked on literacy and she was happy and active the entire time.

Unfortunately, the sick bug hit our house this week and Caleb was diagnosed with strep.  Wouldn't you know it?  Gracie got a fever last night and missed school today.  She was so disappointed but we are hoping she will be fever free today and tonight so that she can go tomorrow.


  1. I love those little papers-- Haven gets them, too. I'm glad that Gracie is enjoying it. Her little red dress is the cutest!!

  2. 1 - Gracie looks adorable!
    2 - This sounds like such a great program.
    3 - Don't beat yourself up! We all forget things from time to time. It sounds like she didn't even realize it and just had a blast :)

  3. She looks so grown up.. makes me sad. Love her dress.

  4. OMGoodnes...i couldn't quit laughin the whole time I was reading about the time mix-up!!LOL!! I sure hope she can go tomorrow! Call or text me in the morning and let me know how everyone is. I can't believe that they are big enough to even go to school!!!

  5. She looks so cute and excited to start preschool! Sounds like a great program! So glad she did so well.
    I sure hope everyone is 100% at your house soon!!!