Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I've got a lot to love this week! 

{1} I'm loving . . . that we leave for Vegas on Friday and I am already packed.  Here's a look at the "looks" I'll be sporting. 
Yes, I take 2 pairs of shoes per outfit.  I also carry a purse big enough to carry an extra pair of shoes.  I've done this for years because let's face it . . . we all like to start the night off in cute heels but by the end of the night we are wishing we would have brought a pair of flats with us.

{2} I'm loving . . . my new Kindle I got this weekend.  I have always loved books and there is nothing like actually feeling the paper between your fingers and diving in to a good book.  The best part of a traditional book is that once you are finished, you can give it to a friend to share.

I'm loving this Kindle, though, because literally thousands and thousands of books are at my fingertips.  No more having to run out and find a book.  With one touch of a button, it is automatically in my hands. 

{3} I'm loving . . . The Hunger Games!  Yes, I know most of you have probably read it but have been involved in other books.  I've heard so many great things about this series that it was the first thing I purchased (and then borrowed the 2nd book from the Lending Library).  I finished the first book in one day and stayed up until 1:00 in the morning last night.  I couldn't put it down! 

{4} I'm loving . . . my family and friends who are taking care of the kiddos this weekend.

{5} I'm loving . . . that Kanin's hockey season is over.  I know that sounds horrible but 2-3 days a week have been devoted to hockey since October.  We need a break!  Of course, now we are on to baseball . . .

{6} I'm loving . . . that Gaga will be joining us at the St. Patty's Day parade this year!  You can read about the last 2 years here and here.


  1. I thought it had been a few months since your last Vegas trip. You outfits are super cute, especially the 3rd one. :)

  2. Gosh I'm jealous of how often you go to Vegas! Love outfit No. 2.

    Oh and I haven't read the Hunger Games yet either, although they are on my list!

  3. Hunger Games is next on my list!