Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kanin's Spring Break 3

Today is St. Patrick's Day so I decided to take the kids to the Dogtown Parade. I have never been before so I really wanted to go, too. It was a lot of fun but A LOT of work. Because of the parade route and Zoo construction, we had to park in the North Parking lot of the Zoo and walk all of the way through and out the South side. The South side is under construction, though, so there was a Detour and then that is right where the parade was starting, as well, so we had to walk around the parking lot.

My plan was to go to Turtle Park but by the time we got over there it was already pretty packed so I found a spot on the corner of Tamm and Oakland. The kids did really well and no major break downs but just a long day. I'm glad we went, though, even with the hassle we are making memories!

I found matching shirts for Kanin and Caleb

Getting a good picture of all 3 is nearly impossible.

The kids thought my wig was funny. Caleb didn't recognize me.

Kanin loved that they handed out candy. Of course, most of it will just go in the trash. LOL

At the end of the parade, we were heading into meltdown mode . . . Caleb was hungry, Gracie was crabby and Kanin was tired of walking. Notice how they all have the same look on their faces. If I were in the picture, too, I'm sure my face would look the same as theirs.

Here is Kanin with all of his beads he caught.

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  1. The wig is too cute! Taking three kiddos down there must have been a lot of work, but you're right about making memories!