Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kanin's 1st Soccer Game-March 23, 2010

Yesterday Kanin FINALLY had his first soccer game.  It had been cancelled two other times so when we were finally able to put on his uniform, he was ecstatic. 

Kanin got a "five" from his coach before the game.

It was so cute to watch all of the kids running around out there.
He had to throw the ball in, I'm sure he had no idea why.  LOL

He volunteered to be goalie during the second half and he might be regretting it.

I love the way he is kind of peeking at me.
He was really proud coming off of the field.  I was, too, because he scored a goal in his first game!

Rotten but so cute!

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  1. He is a doll! That's great that he got a goal in his first game =)