Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why, Hello, Spring!

After being in Vegas all weekend where the weather was 78-85 degrees, I was really happy to come home to great weather here.  We decided to take the kids out to Civic Park last night and then to get a "special surprise".
Gracie LOVES the slide; I LOVE her big eyes.

I did get her to slow down a second so I could take a pic.

Scott, Kanin and Gracie kept having races down the slide.

Daddy had to take time to take care of a boo boo.

There is always time for a kiss for Gaga.

>I Love, Love, Love this picture.  Kanin met a little boy at the park and they were playing hide-n-go seek and he was supposed to count to "39".  I thought it was so sweet with him sitting there with his eyes closed and counting (he didn't know I was taking a picture).

And, of course, our "special surprise".  We went to Fritz's where Gaga and the kids got ice cream.

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