Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is Facebook a Place for Discussion?

I love Facebook. 

I mean, I love Facebook.  I love that I have been able to reconnect with old friends.  I love that I get to see everyone's pictures.  I love that I can see what my friends and family are doing just by logging on to this one site.  I think it is such a fantastic idea. 

Yes, I could live without all of the Farmville, Mafia Wars, "Who's Following You?" posts but for the most part, I can't think of anything I don't like about Facebook.

Except . . .

When someone's post or update starts some kind of all-out tongue-lashing.  I got into one of these yesterday and I still don't know how it happened.  I read the status of one of my friends and made one simple comment.  Others commented on it, as well, and I happened to agree with a couple of points of another reader so I "liked" her comment.  All of a sudden, I was on the receiving end of an AT4 litany of why I was wrong, why I was "holier than thou" and why I shouldn't be giving out advice.  Mind you, this was from a relatively close acquaintance.  As I sat there reading it, I became irate and I responded in kind.  This went back and forth a few times until both of us kind of cooled down and quasi-apologized.

While this little Facebook war was going on, I was telling Scott what happened.  Well, just as much as I love Facebook he hates it.  He thinks that Facebook is only a place for people to whine and complain about their lives or a place to be nosey.  He's told me for years that the problem with e-mail is that you cannot discern someone's tone by the e-mail.  I agree that this is true in e-mail and with comments on FB; however, I could tell by the way this guy was typing to me that he was pretty mad.

I am not one to get into political conversations either in person or on the computer.  I steer away from debating religion except when specifically asked.  I try not to get into any kind of hot topic subjects that will really ignite tempers which is why I'm still confused as to what happened.  I think, though, that since Facebook has replaced a lot of face-to-face communication that people should be able to debate a subject without getting so mad. 

Am I wrong?

BTW, just to let you in on what the subject was.  A pregnant friend of mine stated "Flu shot today:("  One girl before me made the statement that there are two very different schools of thought on flu shots while pregnant.  I then jumped in and said "I didn't get one with any of mine".  That is it.    I didn't go on and on about why you should or should not.  That was my statement.  Now, later on, I did get into with this person but it really ticked them off that I said that I didn't get one.

I'm still perplexed by it today.

iPhone Funnies

Over the past year since Scott and I have gotten our iPhones we have started to believe that the auto-correct setting's purpose is to make us laugh.  I can't tell you how many times that we will be texting back and forth and the iPhone will "correct" a word that will make the sentence make no sense at all.  Here is an ever-growing, on-going list of some of those texts:

*I was talking to my friend about going to the gym this morning.
 -My text should have said:  I can go to gym this am no kids.
 -What it actually said:  I can go to gym this am no kods'

*I was talking to my neighbor and asked him if it was wrong that I was drinking wine on a random Tuesday.
  -His text should have said:  Nope.  Need help with the second?
   -What it actually said: Nope.  Need help with the seconf?

*In having a convo with Scott about my sister-in-law and I going to a jewelery party.
  -Should have said:  We are going now.
  -What it actually said:  We are hoing now.

*When Scott was leaving Phoenix and heading back home.
  -Should have said:  I love you, too.
  -What it actually said:  I live you, too.

*My friend, Megan, had an update status in which she was talking about her relaxing night.  She had written DWTS+Bud Light Lime+2 kids in bed=Pure Bliss.  I happened to be watching Dancing with the Stars, too, so I commented on her status.
   -Should have said:  DWTS+Bud Light+popcorn+3 kids downstairs with Daddy=Pure Bliss
   -What it actually said:  DWTS+Bud Light+porn+3 kids downstairs with Daddy=Pure Bliss

Monday, October 25, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

At the end of our trip to the Pumpkin Patch on Saturday, we picked out three pumpkins to carve.  By "we", I mean Scott and me.

Kanin liked gutting the pumpkins out but Grace was more content just to watch.  It was too icky.

Here is a rare loving moment.  They actually got along for about 5 minutes while working on the pumpkins.

As you can see, gutting pumpkins is hard work.  You might have to take your shirt off.

Here is GracieAnn's, aka Mommy's, pumpkin.

Here is Kanin's, aka Daddy's, pumpkin.

We will work on Caleb's tomorrow.  It is a baby one but I was too tired to start it tonight.  LOL

Pumpkin Patch 2010

This past weekend we made our annual trip to the Pumpkin Patch.  I don't ever remember anyone ever even talking about a Pumpkin Patch when I was growin up (unless it was Charlie Brown) but it is a big deal these days and St. Louis has some great ones.

This year we went back to Thies Pumpkin Land.

I had this cute shirt made for Gracie by my friend, Nicole.  (You should check out her site)

I saw this line of wagons walking in and I had to take a picture of them.  It just reminded me of "old days". 

One of the best things about going to the Pumpkin Patch is that we try to go with all of my family.  My sister and her family and my mom and dad go, too.  There aren't too many days that we can all be together.

Here is a picture of my Alison and Aidan, my niece and nephew.  I LOVE this picture.  This stack of hay was right inside the entrance and Aidan climbed right to the top and threw his hands in the air.  It was so spontaneous and I am so glad that I captured it.

They have a zipline for the kids to go on, as well.  Gracie looks scared in this picture but she actually loved it.  I think this picture kind of shows both sides of her, a baby and a big girl.

Of course, Kanin loved the ziplining.

I LOVE this picture of Aidan, too.  I so rarely get a natural smile out of him and this picture really shows joy.  Don't you just love those freckles?

Alison is such a big girl.  I cannot believe that she is 11.  She is my first babydoll.  She is sweet and silly all at once.

I am so glad that I chose to put my sweet baby Caleb in brown and orange.  His hair really stood out.  He loved these pumpkins.

Here is a rarity, all 5 kids sitting still at the same time.  Mom and Dad were sitting on these pumpkins and I originally was just going to take a picture of them.  Then, Caleb wanted Papa.  Then, Ali wanted to sit down.  Slowly, one by one, they all made their way over there.

This picture pretty much sums up the rest of the day (and every day at my house).  The boys are happy and Grace is just being Grace.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Four Year Anniversary

Wow, I can't believe that it has been 4 years since our wedding.  We have gone through so many changes in that time.  We moved out of the condo, had 2 babies, bought a house, Scott switched jobs and I quit work to be a stay-at-home mom.  I won't lie and say that every day has been champagne and roses.  There have been days that he has been on my nerves, days where I have been on his nerves and days where everyone has been on everyone's nerves.  But through it all, I know that there is no other place that I'd rather be. 

We still have fun together.  We still laugh.  He is still my best friend and I'd rather hang out with him than anyone else. 

Can't wait to see what the future holds!

It All Comes Naturally

Here is proof that this behavior just comes naturally.  He's only 17 months old but he already loves guns . . .

and he loves running around naked and trying to grab himself.

Friday, October 15, 2010


I have a problem.  I am obsessed with true crime shows.  I cannot get enough of them. I love them all.  Scott keeps asking me if I am planning something . . . LOL

48 Hours
Cold Case Files
Wicked Attraction
Deadly Women
Dateline on ID
On the Case with Paula Zahn
The New Detectives
Forensics:  You Decide
Undercover:  Double Life
Chasing Justice with Dan Abrams

Friday, October 8, 2010

Spooky Halloween

For the last couple of years Kanin has wanted me to decorate "scary" for Halloween.  I've never been a huge fan of Halloween.  I mean, of course, I liked dressing up and getting candy but I never liked all of the ghosts, goblins, and witches.  Last year instead of Halloween decorations, I just did all Harvest and I loved it.  This year, though, I decided that I would give Kanin what he has been asking for and have a Spooky Halloween with still some touches of not-so-spooky stuff.

Those jack-o-lantern ghosts with smiley faces sure are scary, right?

Doesn't my Happy Halloween pumpkin sign fit right in?  LOL


Ok, this part is kind of scary.  I just added the skeleton coming up out of the ground today.  All of that stuff is expensive!!


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sister Wives-Watch or Don't Watch

Ok, I have a dilemma.  Those of you who know me know that I love reality TV.  If I'm not watching sports then you can find me watching anything from a true crime show to Survivor.  Last week, TLC introduced their new show Sister Wives and I watched and I have started to question myself. 

I feel like I am an open-minded person who is also grounded in my personal and religious convictions.  I can appreciate other cultures and mores and appreciate that others believe differently than I do while still maintaining my faith in my own beliefs; however, when it comes to this show, I am having a problem in resolving my own belief system against the packaging of the program.  The way this show is put together makes polygamy sound like the greatest thing on Earth!  The wives talk of how they love having the free time at night to do what they want to do, not to cook dinner every night and always having that excitement with their husband that often goes away in traditional marriages.  The #1 wife actually cries when she talks about the question that if something ever happened to her that she knows her "sister wives" would raise her daughter just as she would and she know that her daughter would be taken care of.  When listening to these women talk, they sure put up some compelling arguments.
  For some reason, though, I feel like it is "wrong" of me to watch this show.  I don't know what it is.  I feel like if I watch the show then I am supporting their lifestyle of which I adamantly disagree.  On the other hand, though, I have absolutely NO problem reading a book about a serial killer, Hindu seeker or atheist poet.  I certainly don't support their lifestyles, either, but for some reason I think that because I am reading about these different lifestyles that I am educating myself rather than watching the Sister Wives show that I am supporting their lifestyle.
  Any thoughts on this?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Disney World 2010

As you all know by now, last week we were at Disney World for vacation.  I love going in September.  Free Dining, Fewer Crowds, Milder Weather, Fall Decorations

This is one of my favorite streets in all of America, Main Street U.S.A.  When I walk into the park and see that castle, I think I instantly turn into a little girl again.

I love going to Hollywood Studios.  Aerosmith's Rock-N-Roller Coaster is so much fun!  When we were there in 2008, neither Scott nor I would ride Tower of Terror but this year Kanin really wanted to ride it so we both tried it.  I actually liked it.  It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Of all the Disney World theme parks, Epcot is by far my favorite.  There aren't very many rides there, although they do have Soarin' (fantastic!!), but I love it because they have the World Showcase which allows you to step into 11 different countries-UK, Canada, Italy, Morroco, Germany, US, Norway, Japan, China, Mexico and South Africa.  You can eat at authentic restaurants, listen to each country's music and talk to people who came to America from those countries.  I love it!

The last time we were at Disney we didn't really care for the Animal Kingdom park so we were a little skeptical about going back.  The one draw for me is that they have the roller coaster Everest and I absolutely knew that I wanted to ride it again.  We ended up having a great time at Animal Kingdom.  It's a Bug's Life is a great 3D movie that the whole family enjoyed.  There is also a Dinosaur play area that has more carnival type rides and games that the whole family enjoyed.  We went on an African Safari and, of course, we rode Everest!

Although it was much more hectic this time around with 3 kids, I wouldn't trade our week together for anything.  We are already looking forward to going back again next year!