Thursday, October 28, 2010

iPhone Funnies

Over the past year since Scott and I have gotten our iPhones we have started to believe that the auto-correct setting's purpose is to make us laugh.  I can't tell you how many times that we will be texting back and forth and the iPhone will "correct" a word that will make the sentence make no sense at all.  Here is an ever-growing, on-going list of some of those texts:

*I was talking to my friend about going to the gym this morning.
 -My text should have said:  I can go to gym this am no kids.
 -What it actually said:  I can go to gym this am no kods'

*I was talking to my neighbor and asked him if it was wrong that I was drinking wine on a random Tuesday.
  -His text should have said:  Nope.  Need help with the second?
   -What it actually said: Nope.  Need help with the seconf?

*In having a convo with Scott about my sister-in-law and I going to a jewelery party.
  -Should have said:  We are going now.
  -What it actually said:  We are hoing now.

*When Scott was leaving Phoenix and heading back home.
  -Should have said:  I love you, too.
  -What it actually said:  I live you, too.

*My friend, Megan, had an update status in which she was talking about her relaxing night.  She had written DWTS+Bud Light Lime+2 kids in bed=Pure Bliss.  I happened to be watching Dancing with the Stars, too, so I commented on her status.
   -Should have said:  DWTS+Bud Light+popcorn+3 kids downstairs with Daddy=Pure Bliss
   -What it actually said:  DWTS+Bud Light+porn+3 kids downstairs with Daddy=Pure Bliss

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