About Me!

I am a 30-something mother to 3 babies and the wife to my love.  I grew up in a town of around 500 people but now call St. Louis home.   I have held many jobs including a 9th grade English teacher and Military Intelligence officer but I have finally found my two true careers as a Mommy and a Travel Agent.
I think my Twitter description pretty much describes me perfectly:
  "I love God, my family, the St. Louis Cardinals, the St. Louis Blues, gambling, my fantasy football team, wine, food, and beer.  In that order."

Other loves:  Dave Matthews, traveling, reading, photography, reality tv

That's me and my love, Hottie Scottie, in Chicago for a Cardinals/Cubs series.

Here are my 3 little monkeys.  The Sweet Baby, The Diva, and The Jock.
Caleb is 3 and a Mommy's boy.  I could just eat him up.  GracieAnn, aka Gracie Sassy Pants, is a 4 years old.  She is a sweet, bossy princess who is exactly like her mother.  Kanin (pronounced canon) is 8 and loves his sports.