Thursday, January 7, 2010

2009 Year in Pictures

My sister did A Year in Pics and I thought it was super cute!


The new year brought our beautiful great niece,
Kenzie Michelle McCabe. What a great way to
start 2009!

Can you believe that it was nice enough for the
kids to play hockey outside?


We had a Super Bowl/Paul Home from Iraq party.

Paul got to meet his niece, Kenzie, for the first time.

Kanin and Gaga surprised me with
a birthday cake they made that said
"I Love You This World".

We were able to spend the day at the zoo in February.

My love and I took a trip to Las Vegas in February.
Can you see the belly bump? Here we are in front of


We had some really great weather in March.

The weather was so nice that we were able to
take some pics.


Kanin started Learn to Play hockey in April.

Kanin's first Learn to Play hockey session.

Easter 2009

GracieAnn, Kenzie and Kanin

GracieAnn, Ben, Aidan, Kanin and Alison


Doug and Susie came in from Chicago for Kenzie's
Baptism. Here they are with Pastor Hoehner at
Chapel of the Cross-St. Peters.


We went out to the Reggae Festival in New Town.

Aidan came over and the kids played outside.


After 22 hours of labor, Caleb Scott James Westerhold
finally made his appearance on July 3, 2009, at 5:12pm.

We had quite a scare with Caleb. He was in the
Special Care Unit for 4 days because of his breathing
and lack of eating. He had an IV in his head and heart
and breathing monitors. Thank God, he came home and
was perfect.

Because of the addition of Baby Caleb, GracieAnn's
2nd birthday party was a day late. Gaga made this Mickey
Mouse cake for her.

Our baby doll turned 2 on July 1, 2009.

Scott and I went to the All-Star Game in July.

Caleb went to his first Cardinals game at
3 weeks old.


Alison Paige turned 10 in August. We had
her birthday party at Great Skate.

Kanin met his teacher, Ms. Byrnes, at
Meet the Teacher night at Progress South.

My baby started kindergarten this year.

We went to Six Flags for the first time


We had Ben's 2nd birthday party out at Grandma
and Grandpa's house.

Sherri's 50th birthday party in Springfield, IL.
We were so excited to share in this event and to
finally get to see Still Kickin'!

Gracie had her first big girl haircut at the
Hairy Elephant.


Caleb's Baptism at Chapel of the Cross-St. Peters

Halloween 2009


Kanin turned 6 and wanted a cherry pie.


Caleb, Alison, Aidan, GracieAnn and Caleb at
Mama and Papa's.

The Westerhold's at Deb and Dave's.

New Year's Eve 2009 at our house.

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