Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yesterday was a GREAT Day!

Let me tell you about yesterday.  Yesterday was a great day!  Yesterday I accomplished a goal that I had set for myself way back in July when I started CrossFit.  I remember walking in to the box and there was this woman cranking out pull-ups with absolutely no help at all.  When Josh (the owner/trainer) asked me what my fitness goals were I told him that I #1 wanted to look good in a bathing suit and #2 that I wanted to do THAT with my finger pointing.  I didn't know it at the time but that beast of a woman is Josh's wife, Mendy, and she is incredible.

Well, yesterday, I did it.  Over the last couple of weeks I have done a couple of pull-ups here and there but yesterday I did an entire WOD without any band assistance, without jumping off of a box or off stacked weights.  I could not believe it.

Now, granted, I am not going to say that they all were beautiful or even all "to standard" but for it being my very first time, I'll take it.

I have worked so incredibly hard on pull-ups.  I started with 2 bands (blue and red), then just red, then just blue, then just a little skinny one.  Finally, I moved to standing on a box and jumping up over the bar and lowering myself down.  Next step, stacking (2) 45lbs weights and jumping from them.  
I was so happy when I finished that WOD yesterday that I cried.  I literally cried.  One girl asked me if I was ok because I've been kind of sick and had a really tight chest.  I told her yes that I was just happy.  Honestly, it was one of those few times in my life that I was really, really proud of myself.

Even with yesterday's WOD, I don't have it down.  I went in today and my hands were so sore that I could hardly grab the bar.  I'm sure that I will still use bands to practice my strict pull-up and I may even do jumping pull-ups again if I feel I need to but at least I am on my way.


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