Thursday, May 20, 2010

Trainer Workout #11

Warm up for 5 minutes.  Nothing too strenuous.

20 squats
20 lunges

Do the following circuit 4x each:
 -Barbell squats.  Take a deep breath and then sink down into a squat, breath out as you push up.  Keep knees straight on the way down but try to push your knees outward on the way up.  15x each
 -Utilizing a Roman Chair, bend over the padded portion and hang down in front.  Pull yourself up into a parallel position, bending your knees and squeezing your butt as you come up.  15x each

Rest 1-2 minutes.

Do the following circuit 1x.  Use the same leg all the way through.  Rest.  Then, switch to other side all of the way through:
 -Balance on 1 leg and bend down and touch your knuckles to the ground.  10x. 
 -Bulgarian Split Squats. Stand about 1 1/2 feet away from a bench and put one leg behind you up on the bench. Squat/lunge down while putting all your weight on the foot on the ground. Do not use the foot that is on the bench at all. 20x 
 -Step ups.  Step up on a knee high bench or chair 30x.

Rest 1-2 minutes.

Do the following circuit 3x each:
 -1 leg, standing leg curls.  15x per side
 -Holding a 10lb barbell, balance on leg and bend down and touch the barbell to the ground and raise back up.  While going down, bring opposite leg parallel to the ground.  15x per side

Do the following circuit 3x each:
 -15 shoulder press
 -Utilizing 10lb dumbbells, hold them in front of your face.  Keeping the dumbbells and arms in the same position, open your arms to the side and back.  (Arms will be bent at the elbow pointing upward holding the dumbbells, move out to the side and then back to in front of your face). 12x

 -While balancing on your arms (push-up ready position) hold for 1 minute.  3x

You are finished!T

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