Monday, August 30, 2010

The K Bombers

Football is serious business. 
Fantasy Football is a whole other world.
Millions of people play fantasy football every year.
It is addictive.  It is intense.  It is football.

I've been playing fantasy football for 6 years now.  I am the only female in a 10 team league.  My team is called the K Bombers after Kanin
(Kanin Bomb).  In 2008, I won the championship and I'm looking to win it again in 2010.

To be successful at fantasy football, you've got to do your homework.  Here are some of my ranking sheets:

We draw names each year to pick the draft order.  This year I was #10.  The 10th spot is a crappy spot but we go up and down the order so I also get the 11th spot.

Can you feel the tension in this picture?  Notice how everyone is studying.  Some people even bring their computers to look up players and depth charts while the draft is taking place.

Of course, using that many brain cells takes energy so we had to order up some pizza and wings.

Here's the sheet we use to keep track of everyone's picks.  Every other year I have filled out each team's picks but this year I decided just to write my own down.

Can't wait for opening week!

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