Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The World's Greatest Fish Story

There is this church by my house, Grace Community Church, that has a sand sculpture display each year.  This year it is The World's Greatest Fish Story.

Here is the excerpt that was placed out in front of the display:
We've all heard stories of fisherman telling about the big one that got away.  But if fish could talk, can you imagine the story the fish would tell about the man who got away?  The Bible tells the story of a man named Jonah, who was swallowed by a huge fish.  After three days and nights, the fish spit Jonah up onto dry land.  It was sort of a biological submarine ride!

Centuries later, some people asked Jesus to give them a sign to prove Himself.  He told them that they would be given the sign of Jonah the prophet (Matthew 12:28-41).  He explained that as Jonas was in the belly of the fish for three days and then brought back, so He would be in the grave for three days and then rise from the dead.  His resurrection was the ultimate sign that He is the Son of God come to save the world!

Jonah went to the city of Nineveh and told the people to confess their sin and turn to God for mercy.  Some people say that one reason the people believed him was that his skin and hair was bleached white from the stomach acid of the fish!  In any case, when the people believed, they were spared judgement.

The sculptor, Dan Belcher, lives in St. Louis, Missouri.  He has won numerous world champion sand sculpting awards.  To check out his work, go to:

Last year, 2009, he built and incredible lion with a sheep laying beside it.  It was phenomenal.

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