Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Gracie is at that wonderful age where she is trying to discover things.  There are thousands of learning opportunities each day and she has been trying to take advantage of every single one:

Why do people have legs?
Why do cars need gas?
Why is it called a car?
How come people have to eat?
How come it is called food?
Are ghosts real?
How come ghosts aren't real?
How come Jesus isn't upstairs?

Why do I like to do this . . . bababababa?  Can you do this . . . bababababab?
How come we have Mommies?
Why are you called Mommy?
What is that girl's name?  Why is her name that?
Do you like pumas?
Can you say "Yo Gabba Gabba"?  No, say it like this "YO GABBA GABBA!"
Why are school buses yellow?
Why are kids on the school bus?
Do we need a lumbrella?
Why does it rain?
How did Aug make the flowers?
Why is Caleb crying?
Watch me jump like this . . . can you jump like this?
Do you like Dora?  Do you like Boots?  Do you like Diego?  Do you like Dora's Mommy? 
What is Dora's Mommy's name?
Why is Mama your Mommy?
Can you carry me up the stairs? 
Why do we walk?
Do you like to sleep?
Do you like binkies?
Kanin, why are you going to school?
Why do we wear panties?  Why are they called panties?

Feel free to jump in anytime and answer any of these questions!

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