Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Re-Cap

Father's Day was a lot of fun for our Daddy.  With his busy schedule at work plus his side gig as a DJ, Scott doesn't get a lot of time to do "fun" stuff so I planned for us to go golfing in the afternoon with a couple of our friends.

The day started, though, with breakfast and REAL bacon . . . I don't eat pork so just by default, I don't really make a lot of pork.  On Father's Day, though, Scott got to eat real bacon, eggs, and biscuits.

The kids made homemade cards and he opened his Father's Day gift . . . a Draftmark complete with a package of Budweiser.

After letting it charge for a bit, Gaga was ready for his first beer.

Next we went to see my dad and to let the kids swim.  We left the kiddos at Mama and Papa's and then headed out to golf.  It was a gorgeous day but it was H-O-T.  I loved the course that we chose.  There were so many deer.  They were everywhere!

We had so much fun together on Father's Day.  I picked the best guy to be my kids' Daddy.


  1. Sounds like a great day all around! I get to have a great fathers day weekend this weekend with two nights to myself at the lake with no kids just peace and quiet!

  2. great day, what a super cute golfing pic!!!

  3. Sounds perfect! Glad your hubby had a great and well deserved day!!
    Aren't we blessed ladies to have such wonderful men to help raise our kiddos??