Monday, August 20, 2012

Last Fun Day of Summer 2012

It has been so incredibly hot here in the Lou so last week, the last week of summer vacation, when it was ONLY 95 we just had to get out and do something "fun".  We decided to go to Grant's Farm.

I've talked about Grant's Farm on here before.  If you are visiting St. Louis, it is an absolute must.  It is a St. Louis tradition.  The Anheuser-Busch Clydesdales are there (that's my favorite part) and there is a biergarten at the end of the tour (my second favorite part).

This year our next door neighbor, Bri, babysat the kids all summer.  She was a God send so we asked her, along with my bonus daughter Emily, to go with us.

 Kanin, Emily, Caleb, Bri, and Gracie

 Feeding the goats.  Over the years we have learned to feed them from the outside of the coral; otherwise, they are attacking us and it is a disaster trying to get the kids out of there.

 The biggest hit of the day was definitely the snake.

 I love GracieAnn's look of amazement here.

Of course the payoff for Mommy's day with 5 kids . . . an ice cold free Budweiser.  It is an St. Louis American tradition!

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