Saturday, January 5, 2013

Fashion Questions

Hello Faithful Readers~
  I try to be a fashionista but, to be honest, it takes a lot of effort and it really isn't my forte' so I thought I would come to you guys to see if you could give me some advice and tell me the products that you all use.
1. What kind of moisturizer do use?  
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2.  What are your favorite on-line shopping sites for women's clothes?  I have ordered boots and purses from for a while but I'm looking for other sites to check out.

3. What brand makeup do you use?  I have used Bare Minerals for years but I am looking for a different brand?

4.  If you use fake eyelashes, do you go have them put on or do you do it yourself?  If you do it yourself, what brand do you use?  What kind of glue? 

5. Not necessarily a fashion question but . . .Food is a huge issue in our house.  I don't eat pork and Scott doesn't necessarily like seafood . . . this leaves us with basically chicken and beef.  I am looking for healthy (even gluten-free/paleo) recipes.  Any favorite sites?

Thanks for your help!


  1. I'm not into beauty and fashion that much... but I love deal sites like and for their clothing deals. I use burts bee's night time moisturizer and target brand for every day. I have used clinique make up for years, but just started with bare minerals. For Paleo I like , , ,

  2. Hey there! So, here are some of my answers to help you out, or at least I hope they help you out.

    1. I don't usually use a moisturizer because I have superrr oily skin. However, when I do, I usually select Mario Badescu or Lancome. I like Mario Badescu because they have some really great products that are inexpensive (I usually order online or stop by my nearest Ulta). Lancome has some really rich moisturizers, but they're a little more pricy.

    2. When I'm looking clothes, I usually just stick with the stores I shop at (Kohls, American Eagle, Elder-Beerman, etc.). However, I do like checking out websites such as,,, and

    3. I use A LOT of makeup brands because I switch around a lot. Besides Bare Minerals, some of my other favorites are NARS, Makeup Forever, Lancome, L'Oreal, and Lorac.

    4. N/A.

    5. I honestly keep a really good listing of recipes on Pinterest. I very rarely ever look at individual websites anymore. But, my favorite place to go besides pinterest is Martha Stewart's website. She has never let me down! Have you thought of making any vegetarian meals to switch it up? I really like stir-fry with tofu.