Sunday, October 13, 2013

Caleb Is a Big Boy!

While I am slowly trying to catch up on writing about the major activities of our family over the past few months, I started thinking about major changes in our life that happened over the summer.

First and foremost, Caleb became a BIG BOY!  He stopped wearing diapers AND gave up his binky.  This was a long, hard road on both fronts.  I had attempted several times to potty train Caleb and he just wasn't having it.  Off and on all summer long I would attempt to potty train him and he would just say, "No, I want to wear diapers."  I cleaned up more accidents than I care to remember.  Finally, one day I guess he just decided that he was ready and that was it.  No more accidents. 

While, of course, I was very happy to be out of diapers I do have to admit that I was also a bit sad.  No more babies.

The binky was not nearly as easy to get rid of.  In fact, we have only been a couple of months binky-free.  I tried several times to take the binky away and he would always find one somewhere.  Finally, it came time to go on vacation and I came up with a story.  I told Caleb that binkies were not allowed in Jamaica.  I kept telling him this for a couple of weeks before we left.  The night before we left he said, "I better have my binky because I can't take it with me."  I did actually pack a binky but he never even asked for it on vacation.  He took naps and slept at night and didn't make an issue out of it at all.  Once we got back, no more binky. 

Isn't it crazy how kids work?

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