Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Parties

Today was a fun and hectic day.  This year I have two kids with Fall Parties.  Luckily, their parties were at two different times so I was able to go for both parties.

Kanin's party was first.  I wondered how he would act this way being a big 4th grader and if he would want Mommy at his party and hanging around but my sweet boy surprised me and really wanted me to be by him the entire time.  Of course, I ate it up!

We played lots of games . . .first he carried eggs in a relay race . . .

then he tried to stack dice on an ice cream stick . .

I loved when we placed an Oreo on his forehead and he had to try to get it down into his mouth.  This game was so much fun and I loved watching all of the kids try it.  Surprisingly, several kids got really, really close! . . .

Kanin had a partner in which they had to lock arms and run down and back . . .

the last game was the potato sack race.  I loved this only because it brought back my own memories from doing this as a little kid.  I'm glad that he was able to experience it, too.

In the afternoon I moved over to Gracie's party.  I was really excited as this was her very first school party.  She was so excited and hopped right out of bed this morning, a rarity in our house.  I also loved that she was so excited to see me.

One of the families in Gracie's room has this neat little putting green and they brought it for games to her party.  What a great idea.  The kids loved it and Gracie was so excited to sink the ball a couple of times.

 I love her so much!  It was so cute that a couple of the kids kept telling me that I look just like Gracie.  LOL

We made these bug crafts.  It was so cute.

It was a great day.  I am so happy and blessed that I was able to go to the kids' school today.  I made memories and I hope they did, too.

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