Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

There is no way that Halloween has already come and gone. Where, oh where, has 2013 gone? I feel like I ask that question every year!

Here in St. Louis, my kiddos were so worried all day that they were not going to be able to Trick or Treat because it was cold and rainy.  Luckily, right around dusk the rain cleared out a bit and we were left with a couple hours of just mist and wind.

All 3 kids were really in to their costumes this year.  This is the first year that Caleb actually understood what Halloween is about (the candy, of course!) so he kept up with the big kids all night.

My niece and nephew came over again this year.  I was really afraid that Ali would think that she is "too old" to Trick or Treat this year (she's 14)  but she informed us last night that she is going to Trick or Treat until she is 17.  We all told her that she could Trick or Treat forever as long as she still dresses up. 

I love this bunch of monsters:  GracieAnn (6), Aidan (10), Alison (14), Caleb (4), Kanin (9)

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