Monday, July 4, 2011

Big Jungle Adventure VBS

Last week the kids had Vacation Bible School.  The theme was

GracieAnn wasn't very excited about going to VBS.  While she can be very outgoing she also has a shy side to her.  Since she didn't know any of the kids or the teacher she had a rough first day.  After the first day, though, I didn't have too many problems sending her back. 

Kanin, on the otherhand, loved it.  He said he wished VBS was 8 hours a day everyday!

If you know Gracie then it won't surprise you that she loved this crown and has been wearing it all through the house.

Here is Kanin's class at the end of the week performance.

Here's GracieAnn not performing her song.  Do you see her all of the way to the left?

Even though she wasn't as excited about VBS as Kanin, this week was really good for Gracie.  She was able to learn about Jesus and socialize with other kids her age.  It was good for me, too.  I got a few hours each day with just Caleb.

Here she is with her teachers.

 Kanin with his teacher.

My favorite song of this whole week was Jesus Rose.  My favorite verse:


  1. They are so cute! And they look like they are having a ball :)

  2. Awesome Posting and Beautiful Kids . Good Family and amazing your blogs . i like it