Friday, July 29, 2011

A Memory: Jack and Blah Blah

Last night while eating dinner, Gracie seemed to be looking over to her right and talking to someone.  Finally, I asked her who she was talking to and she kind of got embarrassed because it was an imaginary friend.  Kanin started laughing and kind of poking fun of her and I had to stop him and remind him of Jack and Blah Blah.

From about the time Kanin was 3-4 he was obsessed with Power Rangers.  I mean obsessed.  He liked all of the Power Ranger series and his favorite ranger was always the Red Ranger.  In particular, he really liked Jack, the Red Ranger, from Power Rangers SPD.

Jack did everything with Kanin.  They rode by each other, played games all day long and took naps each day.  One day I heard Kanin talking not only to Jack but to Blah Blah, too. 

"Who is Blah Blah?" I asked him and he would just say, "My friend."

For months Jack and Blah Blah went everywhere with us.  We even had to make room for them on the airplane when we flew down to Disney.  We had to tell each of them good night and Kanin insisted that Jack rode all of the rides with him but Blah Blah was too scared.

A month or so after our vacation, we were all sitting in the family room watching TV and one of the Geico commercials came on and Kanin started going crazy.  Jumping up and down and yelling . . .

"There's Blah Blah.  There's Blah Blah.  He's on TV."

Blah Blah was the Geico Gecko!!!

How in the world this little green guy became Blah Blah, I have no idea but for months afterwards we would just laugh and laugh when those commercials came on.

Isn't it funny how you forget things?  I haven't thought about Jack or Blah Blah in a couple of years.  Kanin grew out of them both and has since gone through many phases but I'm glad we got to remind him, and ourselves, of his little 4-year-old imagination last night.

Do your kids have imaginary friends? 


  1. oh my gosh, that made me laugh out loud! HILARIOUS! So cute :)

    Nope, no friends yet but my mom tells me I had one named, Lucy!