Saturday, May 5, 2012

Gracie's Last Day of Preschool

My how the last 10 weeks have flown by.  I feel like I was just sitting down yesterday to write about her First Day of preschool and here we are already at the end of the year.

GracieAnn has really enjoyed her time at school.  She made new friends, learned a ton of new songs, and made so many cute crafts.

Everybody wore their preschool shirts yesterday.  Grace was so proud.

While I was skeptical at first, I have to say Mrs. McGwire has it together.  Not only was she in charge of a class of 15 preschoolers, she also had 10 or so high school students in the room as "helper teachers".  The preschool was actually a class option for the teenagers who are interested in going into education.  

Grace will definitely be going back to school in the fall.  I'm hoping that Caleb is potty-trained by then, as well, so he can go with her.  

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