Friday, December 7, 2012

CrossFit and Me

I have held off writing this post for 6 months.  I did this for several reasons.  First, I didn't want to sound "preachy" about working out.  I also didn't want to show pictures of myself.  If you look back through my blog, and at my Fitness page at the top, you'll know that I have fallen in love with several fitness/diet plans.  I still stand by that but those loves were like puppy love and CrossFit is like that one, true love.  The one that when you meet them you just know that you are going to spend the rest of your life with them.

That is CrossFit.  My one true love.  My soul mate.  The one I'm meant to be with.  Am I being dramatic?  Yes.  Am I being honest?  Yes.  It is hard to put into words what CrossFit has done for me.  

Over the past few years my body has changed A LOT with the continual beating of pregnancies, deliveries, unhealthy eating, yo-yo dieting, etc.  In my mind and heart, I was always still that same young, lean, muscled girl that I was 20 years ago.  In reality, I was a little overweight and definitely soft in the middle.  

I started CrossFit on July 7, 2012.  After the first day, it became an obsession.  Then, it became a habit. Now it has become a normal part of life.

Here's how I started on July 7, 2012

To be honest, I never thought that I looked like this.  It isn't until you see it in a picture that you can't really argue.  At this point in my quest to get back to my hot body self, I actually thought I looked good!  These pictures were AFTER completing JM's 30 Day Shred and AFTER completing Shaun T's INSANITY.  I remember looking at these pictures on July 7 and crying.

Here I am on August 8, 2012.  Only 1 month later.

October 7, 2012

I don't have a November 7 picture but here are a couple pics of me from November 29, 2012.

CrossFit has completely changed my life. It has given me the confidence that I once had.  I feel like I am healthier now than I have been in years and I know that I look better than I have in at least 9 years (before the first pregnancy).  For the first time in 3 years, I don't step on the scale every day.  I used to weigh myself 2, 3, 4, 5 times a day.  I can't tell you the last time I stepped on a scale but yet I know that every time I go workout, I am changing my body.

CrossFit has renewed my marriage.  I know it sounds silly but it honestly has.  As most of you women know, when you don't feel good about yourself then you really don't understand why your husband would either.  I finally feel sexy again.  I flirt more with him.  I want to go on dates with him.  I want to hold hands again.  For the past several years, I just couldn't understand why I would even be attractive to him but I finally feel like I am getting back to the person that he first met. 

CrossFit has introduced me to new people.  The group of people that I work out with are the best.  They are encouraging and supportive.  They will ride you and kick your butt when they know you are slacking and they will come lift you up when they know that you have given it your all.  I have never in my life been in an environment in which every, single person in the building wants me to be the best that I can possibly be with no jealousy, no jeers, no snickers.  All that is ever asked of anyone is to never quit and to constantly give it your best.

Like I said, I have been hesitant in writing this post because I know that there will be those people who have no confidence in the program, people who say that their workout is better, people who want to talk about the financial aspects, people who will say that girls "bulk up" with all of the weight-lifting, etc.  I understand.  I was once there, too.  All I can say is this . . . 

For me, CrossFit is absolutely the best fitness program that I have ever been a part of.  Better than Army physical training.  Better than having a personal trainer at the gym.  Better than my workout videos at home.  I see results every, single time I go and when I leave, I KNOW that I have improved myself.  There has never been one day of "cashing it in".   Eight months ago, I would never have been able to dead lift 80lbs and here I am lifting 175lbs.
I am definitely not where I want to be but I'm also not where I used to be.  To me, that's progress. 


  1. This is amazing! You look SO great, and I seriously about died at this last photo, you rock the house momma!!!

  2. ooooohhhhh GIRL! I ab-so-freaking-lutely love this post. I feel the same way. Who gives a flyin flip about how you sound to other people... your progress speaks for itself! They can't argue with that! BAM! Next up- 200# Deadlift. YOU GOT THIS.

  3. Phenomenal progress!!!! You look perfect! Keep it up lady!!!!!

  4. You look freaking amazing! This post will inspire many! keep #gettingafterit

  5. Girl you are BOMB!!!! I love seeing transformation stories... it's so freakin awesome. And YOU are awesome. Strength feels so good, and it feels even better when it takes off excess weight. xo!!

  6. Thank you all!! I know it sounds so immodest but I really am proud of myself!

  7. April.... you look rockin'! I though you were so un shape before, but now you look strong!

  8. Awesome Post ... and you are a blast to work out with!