Saturday, April 13, 2013

CrossFit Goal Check-In

I know I have said it before but CrossFit has truly changed my life.  Besides the sense of community and support that you receive at a CrossFit box, I love that I am constantly meeting new goals and surprising myself with what my body can do.

This week was a big week for me.  I hit 3 new PR's (personal records) in strength.  Back in January I wrote about my 2013 CrossFit goals and what I wanted to accomplish this year.  Well, yesterday, I met one of the goals!!

The last time I tried for a 1 rep max in dead lift, I got up to 170lbs.  During yesterday's WOD we were supposed to reach a 2 rep max.  When I got to 170lbs, I blew threw it.  I then went up to 185lbs and that was easy, as well.  Well, when I was that close . . . I had to try it.  I went up to 200lbs and I did it!  Not only did I lift it but I held it for about 20 seconds while this picture was taken.
I love that I am constantly challenging myself and working towards new goals.  With each PR I hit, I get such a feeling of accomplishment.

I still have 2 more goals to reach:
1. Do a handstand push-up from the ground.
2. Do 10 Kipping pull-ups unbroken. . .so far I have done 4.

I hope that you are still reaching new goals and breaking old boundaries, too.  I'd love to hear about them!     

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