Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Caleb and the nebulizer

As most of you know, we have been dealing with baby Caleb being sick the last couple of months. I took him to the doctor last week and he was put on a nebulizer every 6 hours "until he gets better". The good thing is that he is happy and is still playing but, most of the time, he doesn't like the nebulizer very much. The doctor put him on Xoponex and, for once, our insurance actually helped out. The negotiated price for Xopenx is $639!! We only had to pay $35 so I was grateful for that one.

Gracie was put on the nebulizer, too, when she was about a year old. She absolutely hated it and screamed her head off the whole time. We finally had to switch her to just a regular inhaler. Well, now she WANTS the nebulizer. I've been giving Caleb most of the medicine and letting her have the last little bit. I figure it couldn't hurt.

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