Monday, December 14, 2009

Why Do I Do This to Myself?

For anyone who knows me very well you definitely know 2 things: I love pictures (especially of kiddos) and I ALWAYS try to coordinate the whole family when I can. Well, this Christmas is no different and I finally was able to get the kids Christmas outfits together last week. I had a heck of time this year, though. I don't know if it was because I had a 3rd one to coordinate or if I waited too long but it was really a huge hassle this year.

After looking online at several stores and googling everything from "sibling Christmas outfits" to "matching clothes for the family", you can imagine the items that were popping up, I decided that I was going to have to brave the 30 degree rainy weather and head to the mall. Of course, this couldn't be an easy task because first I had to get up and get Kanin ready for school while I also getting myself and the other 2 ready for shopping which included packing a diaper bag, bottle, water, juice cup and snacks. Then, I had to decide which stroller to take. We are at an in between stage right now. I want to leave Caleb is his carseat and just sit it on the stroller but that would mean that Gracie gets to sit unattached in the back of the sit-n-stand stroller. This is never a good idea, especially when you are by yourself. So, I opted for our old individual stroller and I just put Caleb in the Ergo carrier.

So, I get Kanin dropped off at school and head to the mall. Of course I drive up and down the aisle about 20 times looking for a close spot because I'm going be dealing with the babies and that is never a fun thing. I finally found a spot that was kind of close and decided to take it. Get out the stroller, get Gracie out and in the stroller. Pull Caleb's carseat across the backseat so that I can get him out of it. Put on the Ergo carrier and finally get him in it. Meanwhile, this old man walks by and says, "Ha, how many kids are you gonna pull out of that car?". I don't know if he thought he was being funny or what but, let me tell you, I had a few choice thoughts for him. I grabbed the diaper bag and finally make my way up to the mall. By this time, I'm sweating profusely because I wore long-sleeves and a coat.

We get inside and pull off the coats and tuck them underneath and I am finally ready to shop. I start off at Bath and Body Works and make a successful purchase. Then, I come across Children's Place and think that it will be easy to find outfits. It was only the first of December and I had plenty of time, right? WRONG. There was nothing. They had one little, bitty rack that had a vest for Kanin and a dress for Grace but nothing for Caleb. So, I go into second plan mode and think that I'll just get the older 2 and surely I will be able to find something for Caleb to match. So, I pay for the stuff and nonchalantly say to the sales lady that I couldn't believe everything was already gone. She kindly told me that they were sold out in October! Are you kidding me? Who thinks about this stuff in October?

So, I leave there and walk by Gymboree and I thought that I would see if they have something to match Kanin and Gracie's outfits in there. Naturally, they had 3 matching outfits in Gymboree and they were clearance--SCORE! So, I buy the 3 outfits, minus pants for Caleb, and head back to Children's Place to return the items I just bought. While standing at the register, I look at the stroller and realize that I walked out of Gymboree with 2 other outfits that I didn't pay for. So, here I head back to Gymboree. I walked in and said, "I'm so sorry. I walked out of here without paying for these items" and the lady looked at me and says, "Oh". That was it. No "Thank you for being honest" or anything.

By this time it is time to get Kanin from school so here I go back out to the car and do the same thing only in reverse order.

Jump ahead 2 weeks and I happen to be in Wal-Mart and think, "I should make an appointment to get Christmas pics done". Normally, I don't use Wal-Mart studios, which is now Picture Me, but they were able to get me in today (Monday) and the pics will be back this Saturday so I made the appointment.

So, yesterday I am looking at their outfits and realized that Gracie needs tights, Caleb needs a pair of black pants and Kanin is good. I head to Kohl's--nothing. I head to Gordman's--nothing. I finally decide on a pair of just cottony looking black pants for Caleb that are definitely not dressy but I don't think anyone will be able to tell and I remember that I think Grace has a pair of white tights.
So, picture day is here. Take Kanin to school. Give both babies a bath. Pick Kanin up from school. Feed everyone. Make diaper bag including bottle and water and diapers for 2. Put on their outfits and Kanin's white shirt doesn't fit and his shoes are too small. Are you kidding me? So, off we head to Wal-Mart early to walk through the store and find a white shirt for him and a lint brush to get the little fuzzies off of the red tights that I found for Gracie. We breeze into the photo place literally 2 minutes before our appointment.

Finally get started and, of course, Gracie doesn't smile and Caleb cries. Such is the life of having 3 kids. And to top it all off, I thought they were really expensive so I didn't even get as many pics as I normally would have but I figure at least I got one of the 3 of them together and some of Caleb since it is his first Christmas.

When we got home I had the kids let me take a few more pictures of them. This is pretty much what we were dealing with at the store, too, but I guess I can't complain. At least I've got pictures of them and at least they match;)


  1. I am sorry, but at some point you will find this funny! And I have to tell you, I tried to get pictures at Walmart one time when Amy was little bitty, I was bribing Amber with Fruit Loops for a smile, when at some point she dove off the table trying to get more...I gave up at that point, and just walked out! Also next time you decide to go shopping for kids matching clothes...always try Gymboree first, and let me know...I get 30% off of regular price items, and if you are shopping at the Outlet at the Mills, I get 20% off everything.

  2. Awesome, thanks! I had no idea that I needed to start doing this in October. I guess I will have to look for Easter outfits in January! I will definitely remember your discount!!

  3. This is really funny! Frustrating, I'm sure but still funny. :)