Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Potty Training

DAY 5: Well, on Day 5 we hit a hiccup. It was not a successful day at all. I made Gracie sit on the potty this morning and wouldn't you know that as soon as I said she could get up, she pooped in her diaper. So, after shopping all morning, I made her sit on it this afternoon and same thing. I'm hoping that this is only a minor setback and we can get back on track. We'll see.

DAY 4: Once again, I would classify today as a success. Gracie did both jobs on the potty again and was proud of herself. I'm just wondering, though, how long will it be until she starts telling me that she has to go rather than me making her sit on the potty. I haven't been through this with a girl before but I can tell you that she is already starting off to be easier than Kanin.

DAY 3 UPDATE: SUCESSS! Gracie pooped on the potty again today and although I am really excited, I don't think that she would do it on her own. I pretty much make her sit on the potty (while watching cartoons) until something comes out. I don't know if this is the best way or not but it seems to be working somewhat.

DAY 3: Well, I didn't think that Day 3 was going to start off very well. Gracie was kind of reverting into babyhood last night (see other post) and I told myself that I wasn't going to push her today. I did get her up and had her sit on the potty but no luck. Oh, well, I said and we just went on our way. We were at the mall this morning so I didn't even bother trying to take her to a public restroom so, of course, she went in her diaper-A LOT. When we got home she sat on the potty while watching Tinkerbell but, again, nothing. She just now woke up from her nap and she is sitting back on the potty but we'll see what happens.

DAY 2: The first thing I did when Gracie woke up this morning was put her on the potty. I gave her cup of milk and had her drink and then told her she needed to go potty so we could take Bubba to school. Currently, she has been sitting on the potty for about 45 minutes. She started off in the bathroom but after so long I needed to come back in the family room with Caleb so . . . I brought the potty into the family room and she is watching cartoons while sitting on it. If it works, I'm all for it.

DAY 2 UPDATE: SUCCESS . . . another poo-poo and pee-pee on the potty!

DAY 1: Day 1 of potty training was exciting and productive. I really didn't think that I would get anywhere but after sitting there for about 20 minutes Gracie pooped in the potty! I was so excited because that is usually the hard one to accomplish. Later on, she peed in the potty, too. I kept telling her that she was my "potty buddy" and every time that I needed to go I would tell her that I needed my potty buddy. After she did her business, we wa
ved good-bye to it and flushed it down the toilet--hey, if it works, I'm all for it. Then, we GOT to use toilet paper AND wash our hands--LOL.


  1. That's exciting! Hopefully it continues; that will make it much easier on you with only one in diapers. Give her a big hug from me! :)

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