Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm a Baby, Too!

After a very successful 2 days of potty training, I think Gracie is starting to feel a little threatened about all of this "big girl" talk. She was very, very cranky right before bedtime and was crying about every little thing. She said that she wanted some water in a bottle so, naturally, Scott thought she meant a bottled water so he went out to the garage and brought one in. "No" she screamed. "I want water in Caleb's bottle." We kind of laughed at her at first but let me tell you, she was serious. So instead of fighting her I just told Scott to do it. She wanted to drink out of the bottle, wanted held like a baby and she wanted burped!!!

I told Scott that I think she is feeling left out. Caleb takes up a lot of my time on a normal basis but he has been sick lately and I am really having to put a lot of effort into him. Before Caleb came along, Gracie was definitely my baby and I think maybe the change in attention is starting to get to her.

Although I would never want this to become an everyday thing, I think that, secretly, both Scott and I enjoyed holding, kissing and loving her again like the babydoll that she is.

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