Saturday, July 17, 2010

Book Review: Size 14 Is Not Fat Either

Heather Mills is a residence hall coordinator who has suddenly found herself in charge of "Death Dorm".  The second in a series of three (so far), Size 14 Is Not Fat Either is a funny murder mystery in which Mills stumbles across a murder of one of her residences-again-and sets out to find the murderer.

The author, Meg Cabot, writes in a way that is witty and sarcastic but, at times, I felt like the jokes came too easily and were predictable.  As the heroine is a past-her-prime pop star who has put on a few extra pounds, it felt like there a bit too many references to food and her being fat.  While I could relate to some of the scenarios described, they just became a bit predictable.

I did not realize when I checked this book out that it was part of a series (#2) so now I will have to go back and find the first and third ones.

This was a quick, easy, fun read and I would recommend it.

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