Thursday, July 22, 2010

Now That I'm a Big Boy . . .

I want some real food.  How about some turkey and some mostaccioli?

We'll see how I like it . . .

this stuff isn't half bad!

Caleb had his 1 year check-up today.  He weighed 25.4lbs, was 30.1 inches long and had a head circumference of 18.5cm.  He was in the 75% for weight and 58% for height. 

The doctor told me that I could start him on regular table food and start weaning him off the bottle.  I'll definitely do the table food but probably hold off on the bottle for a bit.  He will only be a baby for a little bit longer and I'm gonna hold on to every minute!  Tonight he had his first dinner of table food, deli turkey and mostaccioli.  He seemed to like it but was a little confused by it, I think.  LOL

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