Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Helping Those Who Need It

I have a friend, Boris, who is currently over in Afghanistan on his second tour of duty as a civilian contractor.  He has adopted an orphanage over there and is asking for help.

Here is the email that I received from Boris' wife, Jenn, asking for help:

I received this email from Boris this morning and it is very sad. Boris is currently working 3 different positions there and working much more closely with the Afghan people this deployment. As many of you know, if we can win over the Afghan people then we will be much more successful in this war and our troops and civilian employees will get to come home to their families. Please try to help in any way that you possibly can. I am more than willing to mail any donation you can make to Boris so he can take it to the kids. Many of you know that last year when Boris was in Afghanistan, NATO Command was struck by a car bomb and many of the kids that Boris took food to daily were killed in that car bombing as they waited for food from Boris and other people from NATO. This has haunted Boris since the day it happened and he will carry it with him forever. Please let me know if you need his address or let me know if I can pick up any donation to mail to Boris.

Here is part of the email that Boris sent to Jenn asking for help:

Our interperter - wears a sz. 8 jean/pant which some NGA individuals reviously have purchased from
New york and company, Old Navy and Gap. She has to have dark colors and preferably not large at
the bottom, they tend to get dirty faster. Her shoes are sz 8.5 shoes, she prefers dark and full footed shoes.
Tops are a sz. M, they must be long sleeve and cover her neck, again dark colors.
Women here have to follow very strict rules on what they wear or they would get in a lot of trouble.

I went to the day care today for the first time to visit kids and I was heartbroken. The kids looked very skinny and malnurished. I brought them cookies, pencils and coloring books that I was able to find in the camp. I had to walk out of the room because I almost started crying. This children are the kids of the working Afghan officials. I can't even imagine how I am going to handle myself if I go to the orphanage. Jenn, I tell you I am crying as I write to you now. This place is very sad, they have almost 60 kids from 6m to 6 years in a small four room building that is not even safe for a dog. I talked to the teacher and I asked what they need here is the following list:

coloring books, coloring pencins, crayons, soccer balls, balls, puzzles for different ages, clothing for various ages from 6m to 6 years, shoes, toys of any kind for kids from 6m to 6 years, candy, hand sanitizer, clorox wipes, lysol, huggie wipes, toothbrushes, hair brushes, toothpaste, hand soap, jumping rope, and anything else you can think of for kids of that age.

A Paypal account has been set up for any donations to help get the orphange in living condition.  To make a contribution, send funds to:  There has been almost $1200 donated up to this point.

If you have any of the above mentioned item, you can send them to address below or get a hold of me and I will send them with my stuff:

Boris Plotnitskiy
APO AE 09356

Here is an update on Boris' FB page regarding this project.  This was posted on Wed, July 7, 2010:

Tomorrow is a big day, we are going to scrub the walls, fix all of the holes and prime the entire building. Thanks to all of the supporters, family and friends who are helping us. We truly appreciate.

Here are a few pics of the kids in the orphanage:

Does this kid not just melt our heart?

This picture broke my heart.

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