Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Sweet Baby Caleb

During my pregnancy with you, I wandered what kind of child you would be.  The pregnancy wasn't an easy one so I was very ready when you decided to finally make your entrance.  But, then, you had to go and put me through 26 hours of labor before you decided the time was right to meet your family.  

You had some challenges that had you sticking around the hospital for a few extra days while I was sent home.  You definitely weren't giving me any breaks.      

After about a week, though, you decided that you liked us and you would rather be home with your family than in that hospital.  You straightened up and you have been an angel ever since.

You showed your love for the Cardinals right away and demanded to be taken to your first Cardinal game at ripe old age of 3 weeks.

You took after your brother and sister and fell in love with Fredbird right away.

When your first Halloween came around I just had to put you in your big sister's first Halloween costume just to see how you would look. 

But, you ended up getting your own puppy dog costume.

You wore your Daddy's Baptismal outfit and you were so cute in it.

While you came into this world a little cantankerous, you quickly shifted gears and became a sweet, happy, loving baby.

You loved sitting at the "big people" table for your first Thanksgiving.
While Daddy wasn't a fan of the Santa Claus hat, you rocked it like a champ.

You never tire of me taking pictures of you and are always eager to give me a bright smile. 

You have learned about so much in your first year.  You discovered Easter eggs and played Easter bunny for a bit.

You found your very best friend during the first couple of weeks in life.  You sleep with, eat with, puke on, chew on and love on "the friend".

That smile of yours and those eyes melt my heart everytime I see them.

Your red hair was such a surprise to us and I hope that it stays with you.  I will say, though, that the temper of a red-head does come out every once in a while.

From that little 6lb, 5oz baby boy who had trouble breathing, to a 26lb baby boy who has trouble staying out of the pantry.

Each day with you is never boring.  You brighten up every aspect of my life.  You are a true Mommy's boy and I wouldn't have it any other way.  

Happy 1st Birthday to my Sweet Baby Caleb Scott James!!


  1. LOVE IT !! He is such a cutie pie !!

  2. Awww what a doll!! I loved all of the pictures, especially his puppy dog costume :)

  3. He is such a lover. Such a sweetheart!