Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012, Part 1

What an Easter around the Westerhold house. 

Remember how I said I still hadn't bought Easter outfits?  Well, Friday I took all 3 kids to Kohl's with me and had about a 30 minute window to pick out clothes.  I was frantically running around from the little girl section, to the little boy, to the big boy just trying to find something that would match and that the kids would be able to wear again.  You know, not so dressed up that they won't have the chance to wear them again all summer.  I finally found a really cute dress and was able to quickly grab shorts and shirts for the boy.  I was in and out of Kohl's within about 25 minutes and I got 2 pairs of shorts, 2 shirts, and a dress for $54.  I was so excited.

Fast forward until Saturday night and Gracie started throwing up.  Poor girl must have had a 12 hour bug or something because she threw up every 20 minutes for about 6 hours and then every hour after that for another 6 or 8.  She was miserable and we were, too. When it was time to start getting ready for church, it was very evident that we weren't going to make it.  I felt guilty not going to church on Easter of all days BUT there was no way Grace could have made it and let's face it, Scott and I could barely hold our eyes open.

The kids woke up and were excited to get their Easter baskets.  Grace and Kanin loved the straw glasses that were in their baskets.

Caleb loved the baseball cookies. 

We decided just to let her lay around and rest until it was time to go to my sister-in-law's house.  We called and told everyone that Grace had been throwing up but that she had not had fever so they said to bring her on over for the food, egg hunt and egg dyeing.  

Earlier in the day I told everyone that even though we didn't go to church, that we were going to take some pictures.  I did not go out and buy those outfits for nothing!  I started to iron all of the outfits and, of course, this happens:

Stupid iron!  (BTW, I have a blog post about Scott's obsession with Rowenta irons that I need to writ).  I was so mad! 
1. First Gracie gets sick
2. We don't go to church
3. Now, Kanin's shirt is ruined

We were supposed to be at Debbie's around 3 and it was already noon so I hurriedly soaked the shirt in Oxyclean and tried to wash it out.

In the meantime, Scott had the idea to just put Kanin in a long-sleeved white shirt and we would roll up his sleeves.  Scott would wear the same thing so at least they would still match.  It wasn't my first choice but it was a solution until . . .

Kanin went to put on his cute orange shorts and

In my hurried frenzy to buy Easter outfits in between lunch and Kanin's haircut, I had bought him a size smaller than what he actually wears. 

By this time, I just said forget it.  I was out of the picture-taking mood and really was annoyed.  I guess everyone knew how important the pictures were to me because they were all trying to toss out ideas.  Kanin had another pair of orange shorts.  While they weren't "dressy" or new, they were bright and orange.  Fine, I said.  Let's try it.

Luckily the Oxyclean DID work on his shirt but there was no fitting him into those shorts.  In the end, it didn't look too bad.

 You can tell that Grace just not feel good in these pics:

So, here is the final product.  Not my best coordinating outfit effort but I love the bright colors.


  1. Poor Gracie and poor you, I hate when everything works out to be so frustrating all at once... but on the plus side, I think the pics came out great!!

  2. I love the bright colors!! Feel for ya about the stress of it though, we need a relaxing playdate!!!

  3. The bright colors worked out great, even though everything else was against you. I'm glad Gracie is feeling better. What an Easter!

  4. I may have sat down & cried after all of that, lol. The pictures look great though, nice colors. Love the brightness!

  5. Poor Gracie!! What a start to your day!
    I have to say that I love how your pictures turned out!! The outfits look great and you got some cute shots!