Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kanin's 1st Baseball Game

Ever since I laid eyes on my firstborn son, I wanted him to be a baseball player.  I love baseball (couldn't you tell??) and I just knew that he would love it, too.  Up until this year, though, Kanin just never got in to baseball.  Somehow over the past year he caught the bug and finally, finally I got to see my boy play baseball.

It actually worked out great this year.  Since Kanin has never played baseball before, Scott and I were worried that he would be far behind the other kids when it came to skill and understanding of the game.  I know most of the kids on his hockey team, including him, have been ice skating and playing hockey since 3 or 4 years old so I just figured baseball was the same way.  We got lucky, though, because a lot of kids on his hockey team also play on the same baseball team.  They needed extra boys this year and they were happy to have Kanin join them.  It was great because he already knew some of the players and coaches and we knew that he would fit right in.

Thursday night was Kanin's first baseball game with the "Orange Crush" team, Juice.

The boys each got to pick their own numbers and he picked #42 because of Jackie Robinson.  He's old school like that.

Here he is at his first at-bat.  Momma was nervous but . . .
his first EVER at-bat and the very first pitch and Kanin hit a double!

Here he is after being driven in by a teammate right after his double.  Look at that smile.  He told me later, 
"I just couldn't stop smiling."

It was a great first game.  Kanin had a huge cheering section.  I now see my summers being taken up by baseball and my winters by hockey.  Guess I can't complain about either one of those.


  1. Congrats on his first double and I hope he has many more to come! I really hope he keeps on smiling the way he is in that picture. Hope your having a great weekend!

  2. awe ya, bet you were one, proud Momma! He looks so happy, so you must have quite the little baseball player!!!

  3. He looks so handsome in that uniform!! Awesome that he hit a double right away!! That smile is priceless!!!!!!

  4. What a handsome little baseball player! And a double for his first hit? Yay! I'm sure you are such a proud mama!

  5. The first time is always the most memorable one. And in my opinion, the whole thing would be one of those memories he would look back fondly to, because of the fun and the wonderful experience he had for this day. It’s really a good thing that he made it to the team. And I hope he'll do well this year as well. How is he, btw?

    Linnie Dimmitt @ Uniforms Express