Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I haven't particpated in a few weeks in a What I'm Loving Wednesday with Jamie, so here goes . . .

{1} I'm loving . . . that today is the season open for the St. Louis Cardinals!  I'm hoping that in about 5 months, I'll be celebrating another night like this:

{2} I'm loving . . . that the St. Louis Blues clinched the Central Division and will be in the playoffs!  Scott and I are hoping that our first home game will be on April 13 so we can do a Cardinal Opening Day/Blues Playoff Game Double Header!

{3} I'm loving . . . that Kanin did so well at his first practice baseball game. 

{4} I'm loving . . . that I am only 4lbs away from my original goal weight!

{5} I'm loving . . . that so many of my friends and family have reached out to me to allow me to help plan their vacations.  I think this job was meant for me!


  1. 4lbs away? Wow!! And a double header in St. Louis... Oh my... That sounds like too much fun. :)

  2. I am so so happy that MLB has started

  3. SO JEALOUS THAT YOU WENT TO OPENING DAY! As a BoSox fan, it's hard for me to go to opening day (I live in MD!) but you look like you had so much fun! Hope your weekend is going well!