Monday, December 12, 2011

All Aboard The Coo Coo Train

The last couple of months Caleb has grown to love trains.  He can't say Choo Choo train so he calls it Coo Coo train.  It's kind of the running joke between Scott and I that ever time he Caleb will say Coo Coo train one of us will end up saying, "My life is a ride on the Coo Coo train."  Anyway, I was on the fence about whether to get him a train set for Christmas or not because of all of the pieces that would come along with it.  Let's face it, 3 kids and all of the little pieces that come come along with toys can add to an already messy house.

I remembered that Kanin had some Geo Trax trains that we and other family members had gotten him when he was about 2.  I never wanted to get rid of them because I kept thinking that he would want to play with them when he was older but with moving and adding 2 more kids, we kind of skipped right over that phase for him.  Scott suggested that we dig those out and set it up for Caleb.

Kanin helped Caleb set up the track and this little baby was so happy.

The train is actually battery powered with a remote control but he also pushes it sometimes.

All of the kids have played with the Coo Coo so much that we've gone through 2 sets of batteries. 

I am so happy that we brought the train set out.  Caleb and Gracie have spent hours playing it and even Kanin got in on the action and built a Lego tunnel for the train to go through.


  1. its great knowing that my son is not the only one that loves trains!!

    coo coo....hope yall are enjoying the Holiday season!