Thursday, December 15, 2011

Visiting Santa Claus 2011

Last night we went to visit Santa Claus.  This year we decided to go to Bass Pro and their Santa at Winter Wonderland.  They had a very cute area set up with a train set, crafts, carousel, and some shooting games.

Santa Claus really took his time with each of the kids.

I love this picture.  Kanin started to have some doubts this year but, as you can see, he and Santa Claus had a good little talk. 

Santa asked Kanin what he wanted for Christmas and Kanin said "Baseball stuff."

"Who is your favorite baseball player?" Santa asked.

"I have 3.  Babe, Mantle and The Man." Kanin replied. 

I think Santa was quite happy yet surprised that he would mention those three.  It was very, very cute.

Of course, Gracie was so excited all day to see Santa but then when he started talking to her, she was really shy..

When it was Caleb's turn to talk to Santa he wasn't shy at all.  He walked right up there and sat on his lap.  Caleb told Santa that he wanted coo coo trains.

I love this picture.

The kids played some of the games and then they rode the carousel.

Caleb was really into the carousel and I finally got some good pics of a "real" smile.

Although Kanin did smile for this picture . . .

he spent most of the carousel ride looking like this.  I think he was torn between wanting to ride it but then feeling like he was too old to be on it.

The Bass Pro Winter Wonderland was really very sweet.  They give you 1 free 5x7 photo with Santa but, of course, I ended up buying a small package.  We went immediately after school and beat the line.  By the time we were finished, there were a good 20 families waiting for their turn.

Have your kids visited Santa yet?  You better hurry!  There are only 10 days left until Christmas.  Can you believe that?


  1. We went to Bass Pro last year. I love that even though they are packed on the weekends, they give line tickets, so you don't have to attempt to stand in line for more than 15 minutes with little ones. There is only so many times that the "Santa is watching" threat will work.

  2. Great pics...we were excited to see the same Santa three seasons in a row..a record! It is always tough to be at the age where you want to have fun...but need to be cool!


  3. You're so right. Our Bass Pro Shops look exactly the same. Those are great pictures of the kiddos with Santa. Those three are so darn cute!!