Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gingerbread House 2011-Oh, the Drama

I was really happy to find a pre-made gingerbread house at Costco this year.  I didn't realize how hard it was to make those walls stand up until last year.  The best part about this year's gingerbread house is that it only cost $9 compared to others that I have seen that are close to $20.

The very first thing I did, before I even took the plastic wrap off of the house, was to take all of the candy and divide it up into 3 individual bowls.  (This isn't my first time dealing with 3 kids, can you tell?)

Have I mentioned how messy decorating a gingerbread house can be?  The frosting (i.e. glue) kept coming out of the top of the bag and getting all over my hands.  I decided to just pipe where the kids wanted me to rather than handing that bag of stickiness over to them.

What is a kid-friendly craft project without some drama? 
-Kanin kept looking at the box and telling me that our house didn't look like the ones on the box.  I tried to tell him that professional bakers decorated that gingerbread house but he really didn't want to hear that. 

-Gracie wanted all of the large circle gum drops and was mad that she had to share with her brothers.  She was also mad because none of her candies were sticking to the house.  I tried to help her by telling her that she had to press it down and hold it for a but she really did not want to hear that.

-Caleb just wanted to eat the candies.  He could have cared less about decorating.  He also kept grabbing candies out of the Kanin and Gracie's bowls which did NOT go over very well.  I kept telling him to put the candy on the house and do not take any of his brother or sister's candies but he really did not want to hear that.

Finally, we were finished decorating and decided to take some pics of the finished product.  Gracie isn't very happy, can you tell?

Like the good little model that this mommarazzi has trained, though, she sucked it up and gave me a bit of a smile.

So, here it is:

Here is our house in its place of honor.


  1. Beautiful!!! Ours didn't come with enough candies to decorate!! Karen bought a set of "little" for each kid for the same price...I'm doing that next year. They also have trains with each car for a kid to decorate. As Taylor gets older, I'll let her do her own little one! I'll find out where she got them.

  2. I think it came out great! I especially like the roof. I hear ya on the drama, we have pretty much given up on my niece and nephew making gingerbread houses, they get too mad at themselves for not making it perfect and us for some reason too! Now we just give them a plate of sugar cookies and let them go to town.

  3. I tried decorating cookies with one kid and it was enough to put me to bed for the rest of the night. You are an awesome mom and the house looks so good!

  4. Bravo to you....I did a gingerbread house with Molly one time. However, I did break off all the stale jelly beans, skittles and whoppers from my kids gingerbread cookies they decorated last week and ate them last night....before throwing the broken cookies in the garbage while the kids slept!! I felt so bad, but was jonesing for sugar!!!

  5. Yay for the gingerbread houses!!! The kids look so cute and determined! My mom did one with the boys this year, so I was able to skip the DRAMA! Ha, but my mom said icing was EVERYWHERE!!!!

  6. The table you put the gingerbread house on is so pretty, I love the red trees!