Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dave

Happy Birthday, David John Matthews!!

In honor of Dave's Birthday, I've decided to list my FAVORITE DMB songs.  Click on the links to hear/see!

1. So Right-My all-time favorite!  I've seen Dave 12 times now and have never heard this song in concert.  I'm hoping someday!!

2. Crush-One of the sexiest songs ever written. 

3. Some Devil-Love the rawness and helplessness in the lyrics and in his voice.

4. Two Step-where the sub-title for my blog came from.

5. #41-No self-respecting DMB fan can NOT list this song.  I went 5 years and never saw Dave play this unofficial DMB super fan song and then in 2010 I saw him 4 times and he played it at every show!

6. Love Lay Down-For Scott

7. Ants Marching-Such a fun song in concert

8. Trippin' Billies-Again, a fun concert song.

9. You and Me-One of the sweetest songs-EVER

10. Steady As We Go-Just a great love song and a great vocal performance


  1. I love You and Me! Any plans to see him this year?

  2. Sadly, I don't usually listen to his music, but I guess I'll have to listen to "you and me", if it's a great love song...I'm a sucker for love songs!!

  3. Definitely have to agree with Crush. Ants marching was the theme song for my college graduation. LOL As many of us as there were graduating, we probably looked like ants! Love Dave Matthews. Only made it to one concert, though. He is one sexy man when he's onstage!