Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Sunday was my parents' 40th wedding anniversary.  To actually stay together for 40 years is quite an accomplishment and such a rarity these days.  Saturday night we took them out to eat.  Kanin was so "in" to the fact that it was their anniversary and was super sweet to them. 

I didn't take a camera so this was just a quick shot on my phone.

Sunday was also an exciting day in our house.  Kanin finally scored a goal.  Not only did he score one but he scored two goals in 2 consecutive shifts.  He almost had the 3rd goal but it went off the goal post.  He also had 2 assists that game.  He was SO EXCITED and Mom was pretty excited, too.  Our coach was so sweet and got the puck for Kanin.  Scott had him sign it and we dated it and it will go in with the other signed pucks that we have.

Monday was haircut day.  Since Gracie's 1st Haircut, I have let her hair grow out but here lately she has screamed everytime I brushed it.  I finally had enough and took her to get it cut.

Caleb was also in desperate need of a haircut.  While I loved him having a longer bowl cut, it drove me crazy that it was constantly in his eyes so I decided to really get it cut.  I can't believe how much he looks like Kanin did at that age with this new cut.


  1. Caleb's haircut is the cutuest!!! That is awesome that Kanin was able to keep his puck- big man scoring two goals. :)

  2. Congrats on Kanin's first goal and being able to keep the puck is all the more special. Sounds like you have a future hockey player on your hands!

  3. Way to go Kanin!! That is awesome and I love the signed puck. That is a great keepsake! Gracie and Caleb both look adorable with their new haircuts.
    Happy Anniversary to your parents!! My parents will celebrate their 40th in October! SO awesome!!

  4. LOVE the haircuts! Yay Kanin...here's to many more goals to come :)

    Happy 40th to your parents! So very cool!!!