Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ugh, This Is Hard!

If you've been following me for a L-O-N-G time then you know that I have a stripper fitness pole in my bedroom. 

See?  I'm not lying.  This pole is actually in my bedroom.

Scott got this for me as a Christmas present a couple of years ago.  I have always been fascinated at those girls who can swing, climb, twirl, and spin and look so beautiful and sexy at the same time.  So  I was super excited when he brought this in and installed it.

Little did I know how hard the stupid thing would be.  I consider myself to be pretty athletic.  I have rhythm.  I feel that I am pretty strong and I can follow directions.  This particular pole is the Flirty Girl Fitness pole which comes with a few dvds and instruction

but . . .
OMG, it is SO hard! 

The first couple of months after I received it, I worked and worked at it but still never could figure some of the moves out.  Instead of looking like this:

I looked more like this:

Over the last couple of years, I really have kind of given up on it.  I still am just shocked at how hard it is.  And, don't even ask Scott.  He gets so annoyed when people mention "the pole" because #1 he did a lot of research to pick out the perfect one and

#2 he has NEVER seen me do so much as a twirl on it. 

Yes.  I am serious.

The other day I was chatting with the Hockey Wife at Tales of a Hockey Wife and my progress on the pole.  Yes, that is her.  She is awesome.  Like seriously, good.  I am so jealous! 

There is a studio in the town that she lives in that teaches classes.  Unfortunately, the closest studio to me is still 30-40 minutes away and with travel time, class time, etc it just ends up being an all night ordeal.  Over the last couple of days I have tried to You Tube Beginning Pole Dancer videos.  They make it look so easy but it is still so incredibly difficult to learn on your own.  

Last night at dinner I told Scott that I spent about 30 minutes on the pole and that I was trying to learn some spins, moves, etc.  (Sidenote:  Of course, he got excited.  ha!)  As we are talking about it, I told him that I had no idea how Doug Heffernan was able to do it.  Do any of you watch King of Queens?  I look more like Carrie in this video than Doug.  (Totally worth watching)

I promise to post if I ever get this good.  Don't hold your breath.  LOL

And just for fun.  Check this girl out.  She is AMAZING. 


  1. YOU CAN DO IT...It just takes time, and proper lessons. There really is a reason you start with just a pole hold! Look into a GNO and drive the distance to your nearest studio. I have not been on the pole for over a month, and I can tell I have already lost a lot of strength....it is truly hard stuff. After watching the video above, you cannot tell me that Pole Fitness should not be an Olympic sport. Far more amazing than Sychronized swimming!

  2. Oh my gosh, those videos are wonderful!! HAHA GO APRIL! You'll get it down in no time, you're pretty strong from running and working out so much.

  3. I am impressed you even have one! You can do it! Go Mama Go!

  4. I'd love a "fitness" pole too but I have absolutely no rhythm, so I hear ya!

  5. OMG!!! I was so thinking of "King of Queens" in the first part of this post! And I scrolled down and there he was! I thought you were good friends with Hockey Wife. Some of her pole pictures are pretty awesome! I don't think I'm strong enough!!

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