Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blog Questions

For those of you that have been doing this a bit, could you help me out?

I don't like how my paragraphs are so far apart from each other. Can I change that?

How do you put a picture up in the topic?

How do you change the size of pictures?


  1. Well, I haven't been doing this for very long, but as for the space in between the paragraph thing.. what if you change your font when writing the blog? That may change the look/size of the post.

    I know that as for adding pics, when writing your post, you can click that little icon above that says "add image" (beside spell check). Then "browse" through your pics on your computer & click the one you want. When it asks you to choose a layout, do whichever you like and right beside it, it says "image size: small, medium, or large". I chose "medium" on Aidan's Cub Scout post, and when you click on those pics, they get larger. Hope this helps...

  2. It does but go to the ones that I am subscribed to and click on the Wandering Waltons. I want a pic up like that.

  3. Oh I see. I think that is something that you have to make in a program like photoshop or Windows pics. Then when you go to your "edit layout" options, you would have to add that pic & put it at the top as a header. We have some of that type of stuff here at work. Email me the pic you want & I can play with it to see if it's the type of thing you want.