Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

You know, growing up I would always hear the "old folks" talk about how time flies once you hit 25 and like every other kid in America I thought "Yeah, right. 25, I'll never make it to 18!". Well, here I sit 35 with a husband, 3 kids and racing towards another Christmas. Where does the time go? I could swear that I just wrote a blog last week but nope, it was way back in September.

Things continue to be crazy around the Westerhold house. I cannot believe that my sweet baby Caleb is already 4 months old. Kanin will be 6 on Sunday and Gracie Sassypants well, let's just say she is getting sassier by the minute.

Scott and I took a trip to Las Vegas last week. It was great to get away but it was so much work. I didn't realize how hard it would be to just add one more kid to the mix. The diapers, formula, clothes, wipes, etc. etc. I was so stressed out by the time I go there that I couldn't really unwind. I really wanted to have a nice weekend with Hottie Scottie but it turned out mostly a weekend of me trying to catch up on sleep and worrying about what was going on with the babies back in the STL.

So, here I sit at the end of another day. Days and weeks seems to pass so fast now that Kanin has started school. It seems like I drop him off and before I turn around it is time to pick him up. Then, it is straight into lunches, naps, laundry, dinner, baths and bedtime. Oh, how I wish I could go back to the days that dragged on forever. I would love to have just one of those days.

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