Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Found Freedom

Kanin turns 6 on Sunday and we got him his very first bicycle. From the moment he put his little leg over the seat I could see that he had tasted independence and a little piece of him was gone from me forever.

I remember getting my first bicycle, too. I was in kindergarten so I was probably 5 or 6 years old. I don't remember all of the circumstances surrounding the bicycle "incident" but from what my mom and dad told me my cousin had gotten a bicycle and when we went over to her house she would not let me touch it. I guess I cried and cried but she still would not let me touch it. It made my mom and dad so mad that they took money that they didn't have and went and bought me a brand new bicycle. I remember getting off the bus and my dad wheeled it from around the side of the house. It was orange and red with streamers, a banana seat, a horn and a basket. I think every bell and whistle that could be added to that bicycle was attached.

Up until that bicycle I guess I had been on a little "baby" bike but now I had freedom. I could race down old Bell City hill pretending that I was being chased by cops. I was in the circus showing off my trick of riding with no hands in front of all of the crowd. I was cruising town in a convertible with the top rolled down. On that bicycle I could be anybody and go anywhere and I did.

It makes me wonder what adventures Kanin will conquer on his bicycle. Will he be the cop or the robber? Will he be in a spaceship surrounded by aliens? Will he be a pilot on a jet? I hope he is all of these things and more on his new bicycle, as long as he is home for dinner.

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