Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Motivation, Where are you?

So, I got up this morning before taking Kanin to school and put on my running shorts, sports bra and tennis shoes. I was determined that as soon as I walked back in the door that I was going to hop on the treadmill for a good 20 minutes and sweat out that Steak-n-Shake that I HAD to have last night. Mysteriously, though, after dropping him off my car decided to go to Starbucks for a Venti Americano with 1 pump of sugar-free vanilla and a classic coffeecake. That's ok, I told myself, I will eat and drink this and then get on the treadmill . . . that was an hour ago. I simply have no motivation to work out.

I have done everything within my power to motivate myself . . . bought extra weights, got the workout ball up from the basement, recorded workout programs on tv. I was actually doing really well and was hard at it for about 6 weeks and then I kind of caught the bug and after that I just have never gotten back on the wagon. I love working out but I always feel so tired and feel like there are other things that I could be doing.

I did have the excuse that how could I work out when my house needed to be cleaned? Then Scott let me have my mom and dad clean the house so out the door that one went.

My new kick is that I need a double jogging stroller. If only I had that stroller then I could really work out. I imagine myself running down the sidewalk with both babies in it. I could even by the little plastic covering so that if it rained they would stay dry. That stroller will definitely make the difference in my workout ability. I could take it to the mall when it is really cold, we could use it when we go shopping or on vacation. Yes, that's it, I will totally work out when I get that double jogging stroller.

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